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Review of Windows 8 by Guy ThomasWindows 8 Review

Review of reviews.  Some comment are mine, others are peoples reactions to Windows 8.

People don’t like change.

Will people use Windows 8 in the office?  This could be crucial, otherwise it could Metro at home (and on the phone), and Windows 7, or Windows 8 desktop version at work.

Here are a few short questions to consider when reviewing Windows 8.

  • Will the Metro UI be good on a tablet computer?  (No brainer)
  • Will the Metro UI be acceptable on a desktop?
  • Will we be able to choose whether the default will be Aero or Desktop?
  • What percentage of computer sales will be tablets, or have touch screens?
  • What percentage of reviewers are Microsoft bashers?
  • What percentage of people at large are Luddites in any context not just computing?
  • Did you have a bad experience of Vista?
  • Do you think that XP was Microsoft’s high-water mark.

Philosophy if 100 people say a view is beautiful, a painting is fantastic.

100 people say you should or should not buy something.

100 people do or don’t buy something.

Overview, soft (skills)

Windows 8 Metro Really for Tablets.

Little if anything for desktops.  New Apps are taking over, ARM the way to go won’t support legacy apps.

Microsoft Windows 8  Review Topics


Windows 8 Start ScreenWindows 8 Start Tile

I like the new Metro user interface.  The live tiles are more informative than the old static shortcuts.  I am intrigued by the new of organizing the tiles, both which squares to allow in my screen real-estate, and the ways of configuring their settings.

See how the ‘Old’ Windows 7 Start Menu is replaced with tile-based Start Screen.

Scrolling through your tiles is clearly designed with touch screen in mind, but it does work smoothly with a mouse click or even a keyboard ‘Page Up’.  Windows 8 apps seem even easier to connect to other machines than previous versions.  Winkey enables you to switch to the classic desktop view.


Microsoft says "Windows 8 is a reimagining of Windows, from the chip to the interface".

… The new interface is: "Fast, fluid and dynamic"

Windows 8 will play 3D movies and games, although we don’t have a list of supported formats just yet.  This is one reason Windows 8 is designed for a wide screen display with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio at 1366 x 768 pixels.  Thus think carefully whether monitors limited to 1024 x 768 monitor will be suitable for this new OS.

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The best feature of this new this new version of SolarWinds VM Monitor is that it checks Windows Hyper-V.  Naturally, it still works with virtual machines on VMware ESX Servers.  VM Monitor is a clever desktop tool that not only tests that your server is online, but also displays the CPU and memory utilization for each node.

It’s easy to install and to configure this virtual machine monitor, all you need the host server’s IP address or hostname and the logon info. Give this virtual machine monitor a try – it’s free.

Download your free copy of SolarWinds VM Monitor.

Windows 8 Dedicated to Tablets?

Each version of Windows tends to focus on a particular aspect of computing.  With Windows 3.11 it was networking, in Windows 95 the taskbar and start menu gained focus, XP perfected connection to the internet, Windows 7 paid attention to laptops, now with Windows 8 it seems that Microsoft’s priority has been to design the OS to ensure that tablets, phones and other mobile devices are truly ‘smart’.

Laptop users were the most vociferous critics of Vista.  Microsoft listened and made improvements to battery life and awakening from ‘Sleep’.  Windows 8 continues the battle to win back laptop users by making changes to the kernel; removing interrupts and timers that interfere with the operating system when it’s trying to save power.

Windows 7 blocked processes that tried to wake-up laptops automatically when they’re not plugged in.  Windows 8 takes this a stage further with a new ‘intelligent alarm’ that wake them up for virus scans, but only if they’re plugged in. 

Windows 8 Runs on ARM Hardware

Windows 8 will be the first Microsoft system to run on ARM hardware.  One side-effect is there will be lots of cheap laptops, tablets and notebooks running Windows 8.  Of course, Windows 8 will also be a great operating system for traditional desktops where you will be able to take advantage of the new tile-based scrolling technology. 

More Topics for Guy’s Review of Windows 8

"Three screens and a cloud"

Microsoft will feature deep cloud integration into the Windows 8 operating system will feature deep cloud integration to help realise the vision of ‘Three screens and a cloud’.

SolarWinds VM to Cloud Calculator »

Summary of Guy’s Windows 8 Review

Many of Windows 8’s features are aimed at tablets, touch screen phones and laptops.  However, Microsoft’s latest operating system will also service desktop computers where you will be able to take advantage of the new tile-based scrolling technology, or use the mouse and Start button as before.

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