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Computer Performance – Home Page

  • The theme of my site is – ‘Getting you started,
    setting you on the right road’.
  • See how easy it is to get started with PowerShell.
  • Tips and advice for Windows 8.
  • Logon Scripts – Examples for you to copy and modify.
  • Strategies to migrate to Windows 2012 or Exchange 2010.
  • Independent networking advice from an expert.
  • Helping you get the most from your servers.
  • Lots of ‘How to…’ tips.
Scripting Section

Windows PowerShell 
Get started writing scripts and learn about the PS Shell.

Logon Scripts
Sample VBScripts to create home directories and map printers.

Windows Section

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2008 Introduction to Microsoft’s ‘Longhorn’ operating system.

Windows Server 2003Migration strategies. Active Directory explained.

Exchange 2010

Exchange Server 2010
Migrating, tranisitioning from Exchange 2003.

Exchange Server 2007
Configuring Server roles, mailboxes and recipients.  Troubleshooting NDRs

Exchange 2003

VBScripts for Windows
How to create users and mailboxes using a VBScript.WMI Scripts
Control and automate with WMI.Error Code 800 SeriesCSVDE and LDIFDE Scripts to bulk import users into Active Directory.
Windows 8
Metro-style UIWindows Version 7
A look at Vista’s replacement.Vista Client
Overview of AERO and other new features.Group Policies
Advice on which settings are best to lockdown your users!
Performance Monitor Advice on choosing counters to measure server performance.

Solarwinds Orion Review
Network and server performance programs.

Problem Solving

Problem solving

7 Strategies to solve any computer problem.

Old Scripting Ezines

Best Practice Ezines

Fun Section

Guy’s Litmus Tests

Try my Litmus tests.  Fun tips on configuring computers and networks.

SharePoint Portal

Benefits of a document management system.

SQL Server 

Help getting started with SQL Server.

Registry Section

Registry Tweaks
How to safely practice making changes to the registry.

Old Registry Tweaks

DS Commands

DS Commands

Built-in commands to to create user and other Active Directory objects.


Training Advice 
A trainer’s perspective on choosing the best course.  Independent advice on training. Exam Questions

About This Site – Computer Performance

I divided the site into three main sections, Windows Server, Windows Exchange and Scripting.  My mission is to provide busy network managers with practical examples of how to configure their servers.

If I have a specialty then it’s getting people started. So often if I can just point new-comers to the right menu, then what to put in the boxes is relatively self evident.  What I also seek is to add real-world computer experience.  Therefore, I never miss a chance to include tips and tricks learnt from the hard school of knocks.

These days we need more skills than ever.  Take scripting as an example, what started as a relatively simple task of creating a logon script has expanded into, VBScript, WMI, LDAP, ADSI and of course PowerShell.  To be even a minor expert you need at least basic knowledge of 4 different scripting syntaxes.

Each section contains tutorials on how to optimize settings and how to troubleshoot server problems.  Topics within each section range from, logon scripts to migration, and from installation to disaster recovery.

Whilst I have a string of MCT and MVP qualifications, my tips are based on experience gained from years of troubleshooting Windows servers.  Moreover, I do not always toe the ‘Microsoft party line’ because I value my independent viewpoints.