Windows Vista Resource Monitor (Perfmon)

Windows Vista Resource Monitor (Perfmon)

Vista now has a Resource Monitor.  The idea is to provide you with more detail on which processes are consuming which resources and thus troubleshoot Vista applications.  If effect Vista’s Resource Monitor is a new chopped down version of Performance Monitor found on Windows Servers.

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Launching the Resource MonitorLaunch Resource Monitor

Method 1 – Direct Route

  1. Click on the Vista Start Globe (Button).
  2. Type perf in the ‘Start Search’ dialog box.
  3. You could also try typing: perfmon/res

Method 2 – Long winded

  1. Start by launching the Task Manager. 
    Ctrl +Shift +Esc is the flashiest way.  
    The executable is called taskmgr (as it was in XP).Launch Vista Resource Monitor
  2. At the bottom of the Task Manager is a new tab called Resource Manager.

Method 3 – Classic

  1. Locate the Administrative Tools.
  2. To display the Administrative Tools on the Programs Menu:
    right-click the Taskbar, Properties, Start Menu, Customize, Advanced and scroll down to the Administrative Tools.
  3. Click on Reliability and Performance Monitoring.
  4. Remember to Start perfmon from the Monitor menu.


Troubleshooting Vista with the Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor is an indication of Vista’s improved troubleshooting capabilities.  It also indicates how many menus in XP now have extra sub-menus in Vista. What the resource monitor does is give extra information on the ‘big four’ performance counters, CPU, Disk, Network and Memory. 

 Vista Resource Monitor

When troubleshooting, run through the progression, of memory, CPU, disk then network.  Remember to start the Resource Monitor by clicking on the ‘Monitor Tab, then Start.  This procedure is a clue that the Resource Monitor does have an overhead and thus would be an unnecessary burden on a healthy machine. The most likely cause of the machine running slowly is the process that is consuming most of the resource.  A useful tip to spot the most active process is to sort the categories by clicking on the title, for example, ‘Working Set (KB)’.  

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Summary of Windows Vista’s Resource Monitor

When every you need detail on why Vista, or one of its programs then launch the Resource Manager.  You can access the underlying executable either by typing perfmon in the Start Search box or via the Task Manager.

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