Microsoft Windows 7 Tips

List of Windows 7 Tips


Add The Run Command to Start MenuAdd Run to Windows 7 Start Menu

  1. Right-click the Start Orb.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Find the Customize button.
  4. Scroll down to ‘Run command’.
  5. ‘Check’ so there is a tick in the box.

Adjust the UAC

Rather than moan about the User Accounts Control constantly nagging you, spend a minute selecting the settings that you prefer.

I suggest that you click on the Start orb, Help and support:

Type UAC.

Plan B, to Adjust the UAC

  1.  Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center
  2. Change User Account Control settings.
  3. One option is ‘Never’.

Pin to Taskbar

What to ‘Pin to Taskbar’ is a conundrum that you will never permanently solve.  The flip-side is that you should constantly prioritize what deserves a place on this important area of your desktop.  The knack is simply to right-click any executable and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’.  As for those that no longer deserve their place in this valuable band at the bottom of your screen, right-click and ‘Unpin this program from the taskbar’.

Guy Recommends: SolarWinds Free Wake-On-LAN UtilitySolarwinds Wake-On-LAN

Encouraging computers to sleep when they’re not in use is a great idea – until you are away from your desk and need a file on that remote sleeping machine!

WOL also has business uses for example, rousing machines so that they can have update patches applied.  My real reason for recommending you download this free tool is because it’s so much fun sending those ‘Magic Packets’. Give WOL a try – it’s free.

Download your free copy of SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN

Customize Notification Icons

Following on from the taskbar literally is the notification area, this was systray in a former life.  If you have been resigned to programs bullying their way into this small and precious space, then now is your chance for revenge.  Right-click down by the clock and select ‘Customize notification icons’.  My choice for most is show just notifications, but hey, it’s your show, choose what suits you.Include in Library

Configure Your Library

The first reason for adjusting your Windows 7 library is to specify which underlying folders contribute to ‘My Music, Pictures, Videos and especially, Documents’.

The second reason is to make sure that your commonly used files are indexed, thus search quickly.

If you want to add folders from the c: \ drive or even another drive, go to that folder, right-click and select Include in library, finally, decide whether to include into the Documents sub-library or one of the other predetermined catagories.

See also Windows 8 Libraries.

Index and Search

Check the Index settings in the Control Panel.  I tend to keep adding more and more locations, however, my friend ‘Mad’ Mick is constantly whittling down the areas on his Windows 7 machines that are indexed, that’s because he’s a gamer and wants his machine to run as fast as possible.  Me, I am more interested in being able to find files quickly. 

To narrow down your search in Windows 7 use AND, for example Guy AND Pauline.  The benefit it reduces the results to items containing both words.  No I am not shouting!  A N D needs to be in capitals.  Windows 7 search treats Guy and Pauline differently from Guy AND Pauline.

See also Solarwinds Engineer's Toolkit »

Summary of Windows 7 Tips

Hardly a month goes by without me finding a new shortcut or nifty feature of Windows 7, keep on the lookout for tips that will improve your enjoyment and productivity of Windows 7.

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