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Windows 8 ScreenshotsWindows 8 New Features

Here are a collection of screenshots to show-off the new Windows 8 features.

Windows 8 Screens


Windows 8 Logon Screen

Windows 8 New Features

Windows 8 Metro UI Start ScreenWindows 8 Start Screen

The first thing you notice after Windows 8 initializes is a new tiled Start screen, which replaces the Windows 7 Start Menu.

If you swipe the screen from right to left, a special overlay user experience appears.

This display feature is handy for tablets, yet the tiles work well on bigger screens because it responds to a mouse-click as easily as an index-finger.  Indeed, this format is scalable from an 8-inch screen all the way up to wall-displays.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Strange how early adopters complain that the Metro UI is just like a tablet but with Windows. 

Windows 8 UI is not so much "Touch-centric", but "Touch-first."

Aero Auto-Colorization
Auto-colourization is an example of how you can customize Windows 8 more than you could with Vista or Windows 7.  The idea is that you can change the colour of Windows shell, menus and taskbar.  It’s worth seeing the extra Personalization options for example, Windows Color and Appearance.

New Windows Explorer RibbonWindows 8 Explorer Ribbon

Another new feature is a ribbon for Windows Explorer.  Clearly this has evolved from the Office 2007 Ribbon.  ‘Steadily improving and no longer a shock for we users.’ Mr Sinofsky.

Microsoft has take ages to perfect the Ribbon menu, but I like it, the menus are well designed and intuitive. 

New Windows 8 Ribbon

Cloud Screen Integration
It will be easier to store data on Microsoft’s own Skydrive, or 3 party products.

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Windows 8 Task Manager

Microsoft has revamped the Task Manger, note how processes are grouped, and see how the columns make it easier to spot resource hogs.

Windows 8 Task Manager Screenshot

Enable Hybrid Boot

Hybrid boot enables Windows 8 to initialize in about half the time of Windows 7, here in the control panel is where you can disable Hybrid Boot.

Start your troubleshooting here: Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options.  Now find on the left hand menu: Choose what the power button does.

Windows 8 Enable Hybrid Boot Screenshot

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Summary of Windows 8 Screenshots

On the surface there is the new Start Screen, and the Windows Explorer ribbon, under the covers Windows 8 has been stripped down and rebuilt for faster booting and better performance on tablet and laptop computers.

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