Microsoft Vista – Preparation

Microsoft Vista PreparationVista Install

This section will prepare you for Vista.  Topics include a review of the new features, advice on upgrading from XP, and explaining the hardware requirements.  Also before you actually order Vista, check which edition is best for your circumstances.  After all that planning, the installation will be straightforward.

Preparing for Microsoft Vista


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Getting Started with Microsoft Vista

True to the principles of my website, my mission is to get you ready for the Windows Vista operating system.  For example, I have a page on how to install Vista using Virtual PC 2004 (or 2005).  By all means admire the impressive AERO graphics, icons and desktop; however, I advise you that the most important practical task is to get acquainted with the new Vista version of Windows Explorer.  Next step –> Windows New Features

Microsoft Vista Security

Security is rarely a glamorous topic, yet it may be the killer reason to persuade the financial director to loosen the purse strings so that you can upgrade from XP to Vista.  The wide ranging and detailed measures that Microsoft has take to make the operating system secure, underpin every aspect of Vista.  From controlling actions with UAC (User Account Control), through ‘service hardening’ to registry restriction, Windows Vista offers top to bottom security.  Not only has each component been created from scratch, but also Microsoft has redesigned each component with security in mind.  More on Microsoft Vista Security

Guy Recommends:  A Free Trial of the Network Performance Monitor (NPM)Review of Orion NPM v11.5 v11.5

SolarWinds’ Orion performance monitor will help you discover what’s happening on your network.  This utility will also guide you through troubleshooting; the dashboard will indicate whether the root cause is a broken link, faulty equipment or resource overload.

What I like best is the way NPM suggests solutions to network problems.  Its also has the ability to monitor the health of individual VMware virtual machines.  If you are interested in troubleshooting, and creating network maps, then I recommend that you try NPM now.

Download a free trial of Solarwinds’ Network Performance Monitor

Windows AERO Graphics

Aero Graphics is hard to define, but fortunately it’s easy to use. From one perspective, AERO is Vista’s replacement of XP’s Luna desktop.  Others define AERO as Windows Graphics Foundation 2.0 and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) combining to deliver stunning visual displays.  Microsoft would like to emphasis that AERO is the most efficient and intuitive front end to date.  For me, I would cast aside the hype and ignore the jargon and say, ‘Vista is fun to learn and gives me more information than any other Version of Windows Explorer’.  See more on Vista’s Aero Graphics

Installing Windows Vista in a Virtual PC

I got my copy of Vista through the MSDN program.  From January 30th 2007 you can by your copy of Microsoft Vista on DVD.  Launch the Virtual Machine console to create a new Virtual disk / image / machine.  Capture the image from the CD menu.  The actual installation takes about half an hour, but the menus are straightforward, even easy if you have experience from installing XP.  Get started with Virtual PC

Versions of Microsoft Vista that I have been involved with:

  • Vista general release of all editions January 30th 2007
  • Vista Business edition released to manufacturers December 2006
  • Vista 5728 October 2006
  • Vista RC2 Build 5600 September 2006
  • Beta 2 5536 August 2006
  • Beta 2 5384 June 2006
  • Beta 2 5384 June 2006
  • Beta 2 5308 March 2006
  • Beta 2 5270 January 2006
  • Beta 2 5231 Winter 2005
  • Beta 2 5219 Autumn 2005
  • Beta 1 5112 Summer 2005
    (Longhorn 5112)