PowerPoint Problem – Solved by Jagadeesh

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PowerPoint Problem – Solved by Jagadeesh

I would like to thank Jagadeesh for solving my PowerPoint problem.

For a techie, PowerPoint would seem like a trivial problem.  However, I find in life in general, and computing in particular, being an expert in one field does not make you competent in a different discipline.  The most famous example is King Alfred of England burning the cakes.

While he was plotting his battle strategy, he called into the camp kitchen.  The cook asked him to turn over a few griddle cakes that while she fetched some milk.  King Alfred was so engrossed that he forgot his simple cooking task and allowed the cakes to burn to cinders.

The Actual PowerPoint Problem

The problem was how to control the borders when I published PowerPoint presentations.  I could not find a setting.  Was it indeed PowerPoint or something configurable in the html code?  Well Jagadeesh solved in about 10 minutes, it was a setting hidden three menus under ‘Publish’.

The purpose of this page is to thank Jagadeesh and recommend Microsoft’s support service to anyone.  While the service is not free, it takes support to a different level.

This is the third problem that I have referred to Microsoft Support and they have solved each one.  I’ll sign off by emphasising that Microsoft don’t pay me to write this, its just a case of one professional recognising another professional.

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