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Examples of VBScript Questions that I have answered

  1. I need a script to copy a file from a network share to a local server.

  2. The situation, when I run my logon script I get : "There is a software restriction preventing you from executing the script"

  3. I struggling need a script that will map drives based on group membership.

  4. Do you have a script for creating mail contacts for Exchange 2003?

  5. I am having problem in connecting printers based on group membership. I would like to  use ‘Select Case’  WshNetwork.UserName.  My questions is this: How can I add printer to a particular user based on their group membership?

  6. I am trying to delete a local printer with a script.  Can you assist me please?

  7. Let me explain my problem, next week the second year are returning.  I fear that 50% will have forgotten their passwords, is there a way of using a script to reset their passwords?


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