Training Needs Analysis

Which training course will suit you?

The goal of training is to fill the gap between what you know already, and what you need to be efficient at your job.

It is frustrating when people end up on the wrong course.  I feel sorry for the poor delegate who either knows all the material, or else cannot cope with the volume of new information.  The shame is that a few minutes spent asking simple questions can save a week of frustration.

Try this simple Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

1) Where are you now? What is your present situation?

  • Your role: Account Administrator, Techie, Manager, Help Desk.
  • Your level: Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced (specialist).
  • Your area of interest: 2000 Professional, Server configuration, Active Directory.

2) Where do want to get to?

  • Top Administrator – Organise User Accounts and network shares.
  • Top Techie – Machines running 99.999%
  • Top Network Guru, Consultant – Mr Fixit.
  • Top Help Desk operator – Keep the users happy!
  • Top Manager – Make the best strategic decisions.

3) What type of course do you need?

  • Upgrade – Perfect if you are comfortable with previous version.
  • Introduction – Designed for Help desk staff, managers.
  • Advanced – Choose only if you are familiar with all the topics on the introduction course.

4) Ask to speak with instructor

Before you book the course, ask the centre if you can speak with person who will be delivering the course.

  • Ask – Who is the course suited to?
  • Is there a better course they would recommend?
  • Will they be able to cover related areas that you are interested in?

e-academy for Technical Training Courses

When you select your training company, what you should look out for above all else is staff who really care.  e-academy fit the bill as a particularly customer focused organization.  It all starts with preparation; trust me, several places I go and train the kit is only 3/4 setup.  Some ‘Techies’ have the equivalent of green fingers, e-academy has one such brilliant technician.  The ethos comes down to the boss, at e-academy everyone is happy yet business like, that is a tribute to the management.

Check out e-academy, even if you do not live in Cardiff.  My point is why not get away from your office when you are being trained, from that aspect e-academy is situated in the new Cardiff Bay development.  Amazingly, for a central location it has free parking and an inexpensive hotel virtually next door.

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