Registry Tweaks for Vista, XP and Windows 2003 by Guy Thomas $6.45 (also available as a PDF)

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This ebook is designed to explain the workings of the registry.  Studying my detailed examples offer a middle way between buying a third party program to tweak the registry, and discovering the joys of hacking the registry by trial and error.  If you buy a utility, its front end masks the finer points of the registry.  If you learn by trial and error, what happens when you meet error?  Unlike a typo in a report, a mistake in the registry could render your computer unusable.

I thoroughly enjoy tweaking the registry, and I want to distil the best of my experiences and pass them on to you.  While, I have a section on troubleshooting, each page also has two or three learning points, each of which will advance your registry skills.  The registry tweaks in the ebook (and PDF) have been designed with Vista in mind, however they also work on XP and Windows Server 2003.

Buy my ebooks hereRegistry Tweaks for Vista (Also XP) only $6.45:

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Contents of Registry Tweaks

  • What is the Registry?
  • Getting Started with Regedit
  • Guy’s Five Stages of registry hacking
  • Best Practice for Editing the Registry
  • List of Registry Tweaks

  1. AutoAdminLogon (Logon without password)

  2. AutoRun (Control CD caddy)

  3. CachedLogonsCount

  4. Computer Name (Rename the Computer Icon)

  5. ContextMenuHandles (Add items to shortcut menu)

  6. Delete Roaming Cache

  7. PaintDesktopVersion (Display the Build Number)

  8. Public Folder (Control the display on the desktop)

  9. Remove Shortcut Arrow

  10. RegisteredOwner

  • Advanced Registry Section
  • Remote Registry Edit
  • Create .reg files
  • Examples of .reg files
  • Registry Structure
  • Windiff to find registry settings
  • Registry Tips


Buy my ebooks hereRegistry Tweaks for Vista (Also XP) only $6.45:

Alternatively —> 

Introduction to Tweaking the Registry

There will be times when your research reveals that there is simply no GUI to configure a particular Vista setting.  Consequently, the only hope of solving the problem is to edit a value in the registry.  Another reason to acquire confidence at editing the registry, is so that you can repair a defective machine remotely.

Officially, you edit the Vista registry by adding keys, or modifying values, colloquially, this process is called ‘tweaking the registry’, or ‘hacking the registry’.  If I have a hidden agenda it is that in general, learning should be fun, and in particular, that tweaking the registry should be satisfying.  To reinforce this ‘let’s have fun’ message, many of my examples also have amusing anecdotes.

There is a serious side to editing the registry.  When a computer is not working properly, there are circumstances where editing the registry is the best troubleshooting technique.  My primary goal is to give you the skill, the practice, and above all, the confidence to launch regedit and change the registry settings.  My secondary goal is to persuade you to take sensible precautions, for example, export at least that particular registry branch before editing any values.

As usual, I have lots of worked examples, which I urge you to try on your own machine.  Each registry tweak has two aims; to solve a specific problem, and to provide general learning points, which help you to master regedit.  Most of the tweaks work equally well on Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003 registries, where there are differences I will explain what happens in each operating system.

Advantages of ebooks

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  • Easy to find information – browse through the pages, or use the built-in search engine
  • Ideal reference source – everything in one place
  • More screen shots then I can put on a web page
  • No time restriction, no passwords needed and there are no copy restrictions
  • Technically speaking, all the JPEG and html files are compiled into one executable
  • Ideal gift for the computer buff
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Buy my ebooks hereRegistry Tweaks for Vista (Also XP) only $6.45:

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