Windows Server 2003 Special Triple Offer Migrate to Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory 2003 only   $9.95

  What you get is these three ebooks.


What you get in your eBook is, lots of extra information on how to upgrade from NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003.  I will show you how to evaluate migration strategies and prepare checklists.  The pages are loaded with tips and recommendations from someone who has been there and installed Server 2003 Active Directory.

 Download all three eBooks for $9.95 (Normally $16.75)

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Contents of Migrate to Windows Server 2003

  • ‘In Place’ upgrade compared with ‘Brand New Domain’ installation
  • NT 4.0 and Windows Server 2003 co-existence
  • The importance of DNS to your migration
  • Strategies for deploying Forests, Trees, Domains and OUs
  • Tips for installing Active Directory
  • ‘Raise Function’ level explained
  • How to set up your Sites and Subnets
  • Explanation of LDAP, Schema, Group Policy and FSMO
  • Recommendations for how to assign Server Roles
  • Tools to troubleshoot Active Directory

Contents of Active Directory in Windows Server 2003

  • Examine the many facets of Active Directory
  • Study the Logical structure of Domains, Trees, Forests
  • Understand the part played by DNS
  • Design and test Group Policies
  • Delegate administration through OUs
  • Install your Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
  • Create Sites and Subnets to control replication traffic
  • Plan to Raise Domain Level
  • Appreciate the role of the Schema
  • Know when and how to Seize FSMO roles
  • Assemble your Server 2003 tool kit
  • Read Guy’s recommendations for deploying Active Directory
  • Print out the ebook and read offline – special printer friendly pages
  • Enjoy and learn at your leisure, no restrictions on copying or printing.

Contents of Master Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

  • Develop your Group Policy strategy and tactics.
  • Evaluate each Group Policy folder.  Check out Guy’s Top Policies.
  • Identify the best settings for your domain.
  • Discover how to control group policy inheritance.
  • Get the most from GPMC, Group Policy Management Console.
  • Assemble your tools, for example, Gpudate, Gpresult, and DCgpofix.
  • Learn where to set your security account policy (and where not to set it).
  • Play ‘Mr Nasty’ and screw down the user’s desktop.
  • Put on the ‘Mr Nice’ hat, and deploy programs that users need.
  • Try ‘what if’ games with the Results and Modeling Wizard.  (Modeling is the American spelling!)
  • Search my spreadsheet for the policy that you are looking for.
  • Apply WMI filters, and so target the correct machines.