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How do you choose the best host for your Web Site?

Professionals:  Choose ThirdSphereHosting.com

Amateurs:  Choose one of the ‘also rans’ – see Horror stories.

Guy’ Litmus Test

Whilst the rest of my Litmus tests are strictly Computer ‘Best Practices’, the mission of this page is to help you spot the professional web host amongst the many amateur companies.  My hidden agenda is to give you examples of Guy’s ‘Litmus Test’ in everyday life, not just in computing.

Why I like TSH –
Third Sphere Hosting

If you have a web site and want a good host, then look no further than Third Sphere Hosting.  Which ever host you choose, here are five factors to check out before you part with another month’s rent.

  1. Reliability
  2. Response when things go wrong
  3. Cpanel – Mission Control
  4. Web Site Statistics
  5. Commission

Reliability of Service

Not only has my site been up 99% of the time, but also it just feels ‘rock solid’.  Moreover, you have lots of control over your web site as we will see in the Cpanel.

Response when things go wrong.

This is a key Litmus Test, how do suppliers respond when you have a problem? 

What I can say about the TSH support team is that they really do care, and their emails give the air of authority and technical ability to sort out problems. e.g. AutoResponder.

Third Sphere Hosts run a great ticket system, you identify the problem and they get back to you with solutions.  These ticket systems are becoming popular with many companies, however beware, quality varies.

Cpanel – Control Panel

If you haven’t had one before, Cpanels are wonderful.   It is like being in ‘mission control’, you can create your POP3 accounts, check your bandwidth and disk usage.  There is even a file manager to check and upload your web pages.

 Web Site Statistics

I was very fond of Webalizer, and I liked to tweak the cnf files.  TSH have Webalizer and I was shocked when they said ‘No I could not customize them’.  But they added, we do have our own system called AWSTATS  Boy does AWSTATS knock spots of Webalizer, now I do not miss my cnf files at all.

One of my friends loved Hitbox for their free stats; well all good things come to an end and Hitbox stopped the free service.  I was amazed that they quoted more for supplying just their stats than TSH want for hosting AND supplying AWSTATS.


I can hear you thinking – but Guy, ‘I bet you are on commission’.  Yes its true if you click on my link and sign up I get a commission, but hey, if you sign up you can get commission for people that you introduce to TSH.

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