Review of SolarWinds SNMP Enabler

SolarWinds Free SNMP ToolSNMP Enabler Review

Here is a free utility to install and configure the Windows SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) service.  It’s killer feature is that it empowers you to deal with zillions of machines at once, rather than laboriously visiting each server and then manually configuring this protocol management service.

Review of SNMP Enabler Freeware

Free Download for SolarWinds SNMP Enabler Tool

Here is a Free SNMP Tool from SolarWinds

This freeware tool gives you the ability to remotely install and enable SNMP on any Windows server or workstation.  Its benefit is saving time when you need to deploy applications requiring SNMP.

SNMP Enabler for Windows Review of Features:

  • Remotely install SNMP on any Windows server or workstation.
  • Remotely configure SNMP on any Windows machine.
  • Enable or disable SNMP on a Windows server on your network.
  • Enable (disable) SNMP on multiple machines.
  • Save time when deploying applications requiring SNMP.

Cut to the chase!  Download SolarWinds free SNMP Enabler and check it out for yourself.

Plan A – Enable Windows SNMP

Control Panel.  Programs: Turn Windows Features on (Add / remove programs) select SNMP service.

This SNMP technique is OK for one server, but if you have 77 machines?

Plan B – Install the SNMP EnablerSolarwinds SNMP Enabler Setup

Here is a review of SolarWinds SNMP Enabler.

Problems with SNMP Enabler

Problem a) Server is down.
Problem b) Different credentials needed.

I am sure that you could solve these minor problems either by restarting the server, or by re-running the utility with different login credentials.  For other SNMP Enabler problems see the Thwack forum.

SolarWinds SNMP Utility Video

A good way for you to review the SolarWinds SNMP Enabler


Free SNMP Tool SummarySNMP Enabler Review

The SolarWinds SNMP enabler is easy to install and gives you remote control over the Windows SNMP service.  Best of all, it's free and worth a place in your toolkit.

Download your free SNMP tool.

Where Next? 
Consider SolarWinds Orion APMReview of Orion APM Application Performance Monitor

The Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM) enables you to inspect the services and processes on application servers such as SQL and Exchange. 

Review of SolarWinds Orion APM

The crucial point with getting the wonderful Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM) working is that you have to install the Orion NPM first.

Once the Orion APM setup is complete then it’s time to enjoy agent-less monitoring for your critical applications and servers.  I should not say this, but the greatest fun for the techie is when something is wrong and you can perform an easy fix with a clever utility.  NPM and APM work in tandem to bring you application monitoring data alongside performance information about your network infrastructure.

With Orion APM you start with a top-level network map and drill down through the red dots to discover more about the symptoms.  My favourite tools are the User Experience Monitors, which assess the Quality of Experience (QoE).  If the performance is lower than expected you can check whether it’s due to a process that’s hogging the CPU, or an application on a server that’s run out of resources. Free download of Orion APM

Summary: Review of SolarWinds SNMP Enabler

With this free utility it is easy configure the Windows SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) service.  One of the main benefits or this utility is that that it enables you to deal with many machines at once, instead of visiting each server and then manually configuring this protocol management service.

Free Download for SolarWinds SNMP Enabler

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Here are Guy’s reviews, recommendations and download links for additional handy utilities.  Many of these programs are completely free, while others are fully-functional, but time limited.  One common theme is that SolarWinds give you a free specialist tool ideal for testing, and then supply a more comprehensive suite for bigger networks.  To let you into a secret, for small networks, the free tool is all you’ll ever need.

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