Review of DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support (DRS)Dameware Remote Support

I have always liked the idea of dealing with end-users' computers from the comfort of my own desk rather than making that long walk to their noisy, dusty room.

These days tech support also needs to support laptops remotely, and there are always servers which need checking.

Evaluation of Dameware Remote Support

There are two related aspects to DRS:

There are also two products:

Remote Desktop Control

While I deal with Windows desktops and servers, my colleagues can look after Macs and Linux using this wonderful DRS from the SolarWinds family.

As you take control of the user's computer, so you can chat with the person about what might be wrong.  You can explain how you are going to transfer drivers, or employ other techniques that can fix their problem.  You can reassure them that by taking control you can get their machine working again.

I encourage the users to take a break while I fix the problem; if necessary I can use DRS's wake-on-lan facility if their machine is sleeping or turned off.  My colleagues use a button on DameWare's console to take screenshot, I always seem to forget this feature and use the old Ctrl PrtScr to take my screenshots.

Get started by installing the DameWare Remote Support agent. To help you the DameWare MSI Builder guides you through configuring the Client Agent Service with your preferred settings. Then you can roll-out the agent using Group Policy.  I like to spend time selecting which users have permissions to make the remote connection.

Download free trial of DameWare Remote Support

Remote Server Administration

Many organizations buy DRS for its ability to access their servers.  Yes Microsoft provides remote tools, but DameWare's console is better at keeping all the server components, from AD to hardware, in one easy to navigate tree.  In truth, the only way to see if DameWare Remote Support is right for you is to download the free trial.Dameware Remote Support

Active Directory Tasks

  • Reset passwords.
  • Update names and addresses.
  • Also configure attributes such as photos and logos.
  • Add joiners and disable leavers' accounts.
  • Setup Exchange mailboxes.
  • If necessary, manage multiple domains.

Windows Server Admin

  • Check the eventlogs for suspicious activity.
  • Troubleshoot slow running servers with Windows Performance Monitor.
  • Reboot the server after a Windows security update.
  • Manage the data file storage.

For those IT professionals researching remote support software, DameWare's Remote Support product offers all of the tools and capabilities they are looking for.

DameWare Remote Support Guided Tour

Here is a great way to evaluate Dameware remote support:

Download free trial of DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support

Troubleshooting server problems can be time-consuming.  Under the pressure of fixing the servers before the users complain, or the boss finds out, you don’t want to waste time connecting to the servers, and then loading tools to fix the problem.  Thus it’s best to just launch the DRS and start collecting information.

  • Issue: Users in human resources cannot connect to their people database.
  • Problem: Share and Active Directory permissions conflict.
    Solution: Call for DRS and adjust the permissions in AD groups and server shares.
  • Problem: No internal email is being delivered.
    Solution: Connect to your Exchange Server 2007, check the queues, and perhaps restart the SMTP Virtual server.
  • Problem: Server running slowly.
    Identify cause: Memory problem.
    Solution: Reschedule backup at a different time.
  • See also Review of DameWare Mini Remote Control.

Summary: Review of DameWare Remote Support

Remember that there are two aspects to DRS, Remote Desktop Control of users' computers, and Remote Server Administration. There are numerous ways of making these machine-to-machine connections, but none provide greater clarity or easier configuration than DRS.

If you are looking for remote support software, then search no further than the tools supplied in DameWare's Remote Support product.

Download your free DRS trial now.

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