Code Error 800A139B – Expected ‘]’ in regular expression

Troubleshooting Code 800A139B – Expected ‘]’ in regular expression

Introduction to Error Code 800A139B

This error code, 800A139B occurs when you attempting to perform a regular expression search.  My suggestion is that there is syntax error in a complex pattern.

The Symptoms You Get 800A139B

The script does not execute as you hoped, instead you get a WSH error message.Category: Microsoft VBScript runtime
Description: Expected ‘]’ in regular expression
Number: 0x800A139B (-2146823269)

The Cause of Error 800A139B

The underlying cause is a syntax error, in the sense that you are missing a closing bracket.  With this error pay close attention to what comes next after:
Description: Expected…………..

In this example the script is looking for a closing bracket ‘]’, and not an opening bracket.  This was the example:

Problem "\<[\w+\]>"


The Solution

Stephen Gentry kindly sent in both the problem and this solution.  From what I gather, Stephen is trying to execute sophisticated pattern matching code:

Correct syntax "<\[\w+\]>" and "\<\[\w+\]>"

While I have not studied the escape character in this sequence, it seems to me that a backslash acts as an escape character.  thus \<[ does not escape the [ (it escapes the <.

In this example: "<\[\w+\]>"

Both the opening and closing bracket are escaped by the backslash \[ and later \].  This is why the solution works, and why the problem complains about an expected closing bracket.


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