Code Error 800A01C3 – Object not a collection

Troubleshooting Code 800A01C3 – Object not a collection

Introduction to Code 800A01C3

Error code, 800A01C3 occurs when you execute a WMI / VBScript.  This is a runtime error check the names of your objects. Go through the spelling of the object names with a fine toothcomb.

The Symptoms You Get Code 800A01C3 - Object not a collection

The script does not execute as you hoped, instead you get a WSH error message.

The Cause of Code 800A01C3

Your VBScript has a misspelled WMI object.   Note: The clue Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error. The actual error message is a little obscure, however it is alerting you the fact that WSH does not know a WMI object, which you have attempted to use.

Incidentally, Source: reports a runtime error not a compilation error, this means you are looking not for a pure syntax problem, but a fault logic error.  In the case of runtime errors, you can use this temporary work around.  Add this statement just before the line which errors: On Error Resume Next.

N.B. Jim C. reports it maybe a firewall setting on the client which prevents the script from running successfully.

The Solutions

Check the names in your script, pay particular attention to WMI objects.  Note: The Line: 4 Char: 1  In this case it is not Char 1 to blame, more that there is something wrong and none of the line can execute.

As a last resort, in the case of runtime errors, you can add this line:
On Error Resume Next.

Example1 of Error 800A01C3 Script

Note: The Line: 4 objWMIService

It should be objWMISystem

strComputer = "Alan"
set objWMIService = GetObject("Winmgmts:\\" & strComputer)
set colOperatingSystems = objWMIService.InstancesOf("win32_OperatingSystem")
For each objOperatingService In colOperatingSystems
WScript.echo "Name " & & vbCRLf & _
"Caption " & objOperatingSystem.caption & vbcrlf & _
"Time Zone " & objOperatingSystem.currentTimeZone & vbcrlf & _
"OS Type " & objOperatingSystem.OsType

Example 2 Exchange User

Randy C wrote in saying that he had the same 800A01C3 error with Exchange proxyAddresses.


for each email in oUser.proxyAddresses

     OutPutFile.Write email & ","



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