Code 800706B5 The Interface is Unknown

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Troubleshooting Code Error 800706B5 The Interface is Unknown

Introduction to Error Code 800706B5

This error, code 800706B5 usually occurs when you execute a W32tm command.  My suggestion is that the Windows Time Service needs restarting.

The Symptoms You Get 800706B5

When you execute the W32tm command either at the command line or via a VBScript you get a message : The Interface is Unknown. (0x800706B5)

The Cause of Code 800706B5  

Almost certainly, the Windows Time Service is stopped, or needs restarting.


Example of VBScript


‘ VBScript Source File — Created with XLnow OnScript
‘ W32tm.vbs
‘ AUTHOR: Guy Thomas
‘ COMPANY: Computer Performance
‘ DATE: January 2010 Version 1.4
‘ COMMENT: Script to set the time server, then sync
‘ Known problem. Windows Time Service stopped or ‘Jammed’.
Option Explicit
Dim objShell
Dim intShortSleep, intLongSleep
Dim strTimeSrv
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

‘ Time Server set (Remove ‘ Rem if you want to change)
‘strTimeSrv = ""
strTimeSrv = ""
intShortSleep = 500
intLongSleep = 20000 ‘1000 = 1 second

‘ Cmd prompt opened with .Run method
objShell.Run "cmd"
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"

‘ set the time server. Equivalent of net time /setsntp
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:"_
& strTimeSrv
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep

‘ Point where the script synchronizes
objShell.SendKeys "w32Tm /resync /rediscover"
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"
Wscript.Sleep intLongSleep

‘ Cmd prompt exited
objShell.SendKeys "Exit"
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"

Wscript.Echo " Time Server synchronized with: " & strTimeSrv


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