Best Practice Ezine #106 – Readers Letters

Best Practice Ezine #106 – Readers Letters

Here are the reasons why there is no ‘Guy’ article this week.
a) Some weeks I am just too busy to write a quality article  (PowerShell RC2 to study).
b) I had to postpone the proposed registry topic because further research contradicted my earlier results.  Now let me be positive, what I do have for you are readers’ tips.

Tips from five readers

1) Paul DeBrino

Please visit the site and then modify the output for your favourite domain.

Paul has also sent these tips:

User Profile Deletion Utility (manage local or remote computer profiles):

Account Lockout and Management Tools:

IE History Viewer / Manager (manage history on a local or remote computer):

2) Chris Lehr Exchange Resource Manager

3) Allen suggests we look at Win-Nessus

4) J Howard Smith – In regards to readers getting two ezines
I know that this happens with blackberry devices and with sync software for PDAs. There IIS a setting within the software that triggers this problem. It’s been a while since I’ve had to tackle the problem, but blackberry forums are a good resource.

5) Robert E Aldridge – Ezine not getting through
Here is a reason that your message gets "stuck" in our filter.  (Information for those who are interested in AutoResponders.)

The From: address does not match the Reply-To address.
Message is From: But Reply-to is:

This explains why everyone else’s AutoResponders match the above addresses, but then others direct all replies (especially the NDRs) to a sink address that never gets read.  However, I am going to persevere with a genuine reply address, thus I have set both From and Reply-to: = guyc (and then I filter out the NDRs).

Guy Recommends: Tools4ever’s UMRAUMRA The User Management Resource Administrator

Tired of writing scripts? The User Management Resource Administrator solution by Tools4ever offers an alternative to time-consuming manual processes.

It features 100% auto provisioning, Helpdesk Delegation, Connectors to more than 130 systems/applications, Workflow Management, Self Service and many other benefits. Click on the link for more information onUMRA.

Keep sending in the emails!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who write-in.  Each and every comment is prized.  Criticisms are especially useful, but they go through this cathartic process.
a) I deny there is a problem.  (Lasts 10 seconds)
b) I think the writer is an idiot. (Lasts 30 seconds) 
c) The realization dawns on me that the writer was correct and Guy was wrong.  (Takes between 10 minutes and 2 hrs)
d) I give the person who made the criticism my gratitude.  I appreciate their email because it helped me produce a better ezine / website. (Lasts for ever)

Conclusion, please keep sending me your tips comments and of course criticisms.

Guy Recommends: The Free IP Address Tracker (IPAT) IP Tracker

Calculating IP Address ranges is a black art, which many network managers solve by creating custom Excel spreadsheets.  IPAT cracks this problem of allocating IP addresses in networks in two ways:

For Mr Organized there is a nifty subnet calculator, you enter the network address and the subnet mask, then IPAT works out the usable addresses and their ranges. 

For Mr Lazy IPAT discovers and then displays the IP addresses of existing computers. Download the Free IP Address Tracker

Will and Guy Humour

Last week I linked to the wrong page, this week you really will get to Will and Guy’s Religious Jokes

Lots of useful utilities

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