Ezine 194 – How to Delete Your Account on Popular Websites

Ezine 194 – How to Delete Your Account on Popular Websites


Delete Your Web Account

Even if you don’t have an account with the organizations listed, skimming down the list may change your opinion of one or more of these websites.  For instance, I was shocked that it’s impossible to delete a Wikipedia account.

This tip was kindly sent in by Paul DeBrino

More Litmus Tests

For me looking for Litmus tests puts me in that wonderful zone of part work part pleasure.  My greatest desire is that you will embrace the idea of the ‘Litmus Test’ and apply it to your situation.  I did not invent the concept, however each week, if not each day, I see opportunities to apply simple criteria to distinguish between amateurs and professionals.  

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DNS Configuration

Amateurs allow people to pollute their DNS server with rogue zone transfers.
Professionals secure their DNS server from unauthorized zone transfers.

To see if DNS is configured securely, try this: 

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type nslookup
  3. Set type=all
  4. Enter domain such as Microsoft.com
    You will see the nameservers
  5. Type server ns1.microsoft.com
  6. Then type ls -d Microsoft.com

You will get an error because it won’t let you do a zone transfer to your machine, but you would be amazed how many domains still do!

Kindly sent in by Harold Stultiens.

NTFS Permission

Amateurs add users to NTFS permission list.
Professionals create a security group and add it to the permission list and then add users to that group.

Kindly sent in by David H Kendrick

Where Guy’s Litmus Test Idea Came From

Each Litmus testgives you an instant answer to the question: – "Is this a good idea or isthere a better way?”  The brainwave for Litmus tests came to me when a delegate said: "Guy, I havejust joined a company; how do I know if our network and servers arerunning properly?"  So I suggested simple checks that he could make to testif his network was run by amateurs or professionals. 

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Will and Guy’s Humour – World Cup Jokes

It surprised us that twice as many people searched for jokes once England got knocked out of the World Cup, compared with when they were still present in the competition, but were playing like zombies.  This is my current favourite soccer joke:

England’s Heroes Return Home
When the English Football Team flew home they arrived to a rapturous welcome at the airport. Thousands of fans clapped, cheered and waved flags as the team disembarked from the plane.

Fabio Capello, the coach, was smiling as he told the waiting reporters. "I am delighted to be in Scotland and very happy that the plane was diverted to Glasgow Airport".  [Kindly sent in by Alistair M.]  See more World Cup Jokes

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