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The Low-down on the Nexus 7

It’s widely thought that one of the reasons the iPad is such an impressive tablet is because Apple controls both the hardware and software. It’s no wonder then that excitement surrounded the news that Google was working with Asus to design a tablet – the Nexus 7 – to ran on its Android operating system.

It appears the strategy has worked. Commentators have noted that apps like YouTube and Chrome, Google’s internet browser, work better on the Nexus 7 than any other device. Meanwhile, praise has also been directed towards the impressive battery life and wide selection of apps available to download through the Google Play store.

The features are all the more impressive considering they’re packed onto a device that costs $199/£159 and fits in one hand. The low price tag is achieved by the fact that Google are making barely anything from retail sales of the product. Instead, they’re hoping to build brand awareness and profit from the content and services it offers.

Of course not everyone has been completely enamoured with Google’s first foray into the tablet world. The lack of a rear-facing camera is one gripe that has been justified by the company as a cost-cutting measure, although it seems likely that future models will address this issue.

There have also been some concerns about the tablet’s display. While at times the 7″ screen’s HD output can rival the images conjured by the iPad’s Retina Display, it doesn’t handle dark colours as well as more expensive tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2.

Many people will already be excited to see what Google comes up with next, but by focusing on the future too much they’ll be missing out on an already very impressive tablet. Many retailers stopped taking pre-orders for the tablet when they realised they could not meet demand, although few internet retailers such as Ebuyer are still going strong – if the pre-release sales continue to be as strong there’s no doubt that Google is onto a winner with its Nexus brand.

Summary of  Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 has impressive features, especially when you consider it only costs $199/£159 and will fit in one hand.

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