Windows 8 ReFS – Resilient File System

Windows 8 ReFS and NTFSWindows 8 ReFS

Unfortunately Microsoft’s successor to NTFS, called ReFS will only be available on Windows Server 8, and NOT on this new desktop client – plain Windows 8.

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Main Features of ReFS:

  • Larger volumes up to 16 EB (Exabytes).
  • Metadata with checksum.
  • Resiliency to corruptions through "salvage" techniques.
  • Integrity streams providing user data integrity.
  • Copy on write, transactional model for robust disk updates.
  • Storage pooling and virtualization.
  • Data striping will improve disk performance for maximum volume availability.
  • Disk scrubbing for protection against latent disk errors.

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Limitations of ReFS

The biggest limitation is that ReFS is not available on Windows 8 client, only on Windows Server 8.  Another serious shortcoming is that you cannot boot from ReFS, thus even servers will have to have one NTFS partition.  Those wishing for disk quotas or compression will also be disappointed.  See more about he benefits and limitations of ReFS in Windows Server 8.

Summary of ReFS

Microsoft has developed a new file system to replace NTFS called ReFS, but unfortunately, it will only be available for new Windows Server operating systems for the foreseeable future.

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