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How to Set Process Priority Windows 8 Task ManagerWindows 8 Task Manager Set Priority

Most items in the Windows 8 Task Manager are easier to use, but setting Process Priority or Process Affinity requires one crucial click: More details.

Windows 8 Set Process Priority


Launch Windows 8 Task Manager

Just as with previous operating systems, you launch the Task Manager in Windows 8 with Ctrl +Shift, +Esc.  Alternatively, type 't' at the Metro-style UI; Task Manager will be listed amongst the Apps beginning with ‘t’.

In the unlikely event of this not working check to see if your task manager has been disabled.

How to Set Process Priority in Windows 8How to Set Priority in Windows 8

  • Assuming the Windows Task Manager has launched:
  • Spring the 'More details'
  • Click on the 'Details tab' (not Processes).

How to Set Process Priority in Windows 8

  • Right-click the 'Name' of the process, and 'Set priority'.
  • I recomend that you choose 'High', or 'Above normal'.

Warning: Do not select 'Realtime', it will cripple your machine.

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Windows 8 Task Manager Set AffinityWindows 8 Task Manager Set Affinity

You need several logical processors for 'Set Affinity' to work.  The downside is that in some instances it will cause your machine to run slower.

Assuming that the Windows Task Manager is running, once again select the Details tab.  Right-click the process you are experimenting with, click Set Affinity and choose one or more processors.

More New Windows 8 Task Manager Features

It's worth noting that the name of the executable been changed from taskmgr.exe to tm.exe.  More importantly, the new interface displays the process information in columns.  Observe the new technique of grouping process, for example ‘Applications (3)’  and ‘Background processes (12)’.  See screenshot below.

Windows 8 Task Manager Process

My reason for visiting the Processes tab is to investigate suspicious executables.  I realize that the Windows Task Manager itself is a well-known program, however, you can use it as an example; right-click then select ‘Open File Locations’, now you can examine the path, in this instance it's: %WinDir%\System32\TM.exe.

If you find a process with ‘Status suspended’; you can right-click (this or any other process) and troubleshoot.  One option to find out more about hanging programs is ‘Analyze Wait Chain’.  Remember that you only get this option to spot deadlocks if you right-click a process in the Details view.

See more about Windows 8 Task Manager ยป

Summary of Windows 8 Process Priority

Launch the Windows Task Manager click on 'More details', select not the Processes tab but click on the 'Details tab' (Key Point). Incidentally, you can use this method to 'Set Affinity' of a process to a processor.

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