Windows 8 PDF Reader

Windows 8 PDF ViewerWindows 8 PDF Reader

Windows 8 has a new built-in PDF viewer.  The hardest part in finding this free App is getting the name correct – Windows Reader.

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What’s In a Name?

Once you grasp that the name for this Portable Document Format interpretter is plain ‘Windows Reader’, and not ‘PDF reader’ then your quest is nearly over.  Remember that the Windows Reader is a native App, consequently no installation is necessary, and there is no point in looking in the Control Panel to ‘Turn Windows feature on’.

How to Get Your Free Windows 8 PDF ReaderWindows 8 PDF Viewer

  • At the New UI, type W I N D O W S.
  • Right-click on Windows Reader.
  • Look down to the bottom left.
  • Click on ‘Pin to Start’.
    (See screenshot)
  • Press the WinKey and return to the
    Metro UI
  • Scroll right until you see the new Windows Reader tile.
  • What I do is drag the ‘Reader’ tile nearer the Start, see below.

Windows PDF Reader Tile
Windows 8 Reader PDF

Note: The word ‘Reader’ reminds me that you should search for the word ‘Reader’ amongst the Apps and not the word PDF.  Just remember that Micrsoft doesn’t use the acronymn ‘PDF’ in its Windows Reader.

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Windows PDF Reader Controls

If you right-click anywhere inside this Windows 8 PDF viewer, then the menu ribbon appears at the bottom.  This is where you can open, and save PDFs; I also like to control the page layout to match my screen size.

Windows Reader PDF Ribbon

Windows 8 PDF Printing

My favourite way of printing from with the Windows Reader is pressing Ctrl +p.  However, the traditional method is to call for the Charms by pressing WinKey +c and then select Devices.  From that menu select the most appropriate printer.

Alternatives to Windows 8 PDF Reader

Many users prefer alternative, which allow viewing multiple files, products such as:

  • Adobe Reader.
  • PDF-Xchange VIewer from Tracker Software.
  • Acrord32.exe.
  • Foxit Reader.

Summary of Windows 8 Free PDF Reader

When you first seek this App try to forget about the name PDF, just call this the Windows Reader and you will soon spot it amongst the Apps.  Once you launch the reader, remember to right-click to get the controls.

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