Security Analysis Snap-in for Windows Server 2003

Introduction to Security Analysis Snap-in Windows Server 2003

Two features I particularly like about the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in are, firstly it provides a record of the changes you make and secondly it allows you to experiment with templates before actually applying the security settings.

Topics for Security Templates in Windows Server 2003


Security TemplatesSecurity Templates in Windows Server 2003

Before you use the Security Configuration Analysis tool, familiarise yourself with the Security Templates. 

Establish a roll-back position by selecting the template nearest to your situation, then use Save As and choose a different file name.  Use your template and keep the original should you need to roll-back.

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Security AnalysisSecurity Templates in Windows Server 2003

When you right-click the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in, you have options to Analyse or Configure – be very careful with Configure Computer now.  The idea is to master test configurations by comparing templates with the current configuration.  Only when you are happy, move on to the next stage.  My suggestion is to alter the Template, then right-click the Snap-in and Import Template.

The legend in the diagram is clear, a Tick means no change and a red X highlights changes that will be made if you apply the template.

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Security Configuration

When you have perfected your template, then the time has come to select Configure Computer now (right-click Security Configuration and Analysis).  If you have selected an unexpectedly severe setting, then just apply the built-in template called – Security Setup and revert to the defaults.

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