Disaster Recovery in Windows 2003 – UPS

The Role of the UPS in Disaster RecoveryUPS

Those great big batteries (UPS) at the side of the server are designed to prevent disaster striking should your site suffer a power failure.

I once stopped by at the UPS stand in a trade fair – they had great coffee and I needed a rest.  Now I thought I knew about UPS devices, but the salesmen showed me some extra capabilities for disaster protection.

  1. The most important job of the UPS is to cut-in when the power fails
  2. UPS also protects against ‘brown outs’ when the light dims but the power stays on.
  3. UPS will also smooth voltage preventing power surges during electric storms.

Additional UPS Features

The system I saw at the trade fair had ‘bells and whistles’ like short term capacitors and diesel engines that would deliver conventional AC power.  It also had microprocessor sensors and switch over.

A Cautionary Tale of an UPS disaster

I sometimes take on work on the basis of ‘no fix – no fee’.  So I went to company advertising for a consultant to find the bottleneck on their network.  To my delight got a contract.  However, when I turned up, there were long faces all round, the server room had been burnt down.

Before I abandoned the job, I thought at least they could tell me what had happened.  After a long pause, the junior techie blurted out that the UPS spilt neat acid onto a pile paper, the acid burnt the paper starting a fire.  Cardboard boxes in the room also caught fire and that in turn burnt down the server.  Well no work for me, but a moral to one and all, add: ‘ I must service the UPS’ to your disaster recovery plan.

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