Windows Vista – New Time Settings

Windows Vista – New Time Settings

My mate ‘Barking’ Eddie says this page should not be called new time settings but new time wasting.  Guy’s reply is this these time settings are merely one example of a myriad of tiny improvements that you get in Vista.

What you see is the ability to conveniently configure additional time zones.  Ideal for businesses, ideal for me to know what the time is at my ISP.

How do you find the Extra Time Zone settings?  I went via the Control Panel –> Clock Language and region, but there may be other ways.  Naturally, you only see these intrusive displays if you hover, or click, on the clock in the Navigation Tray.

Vista new alternative time zone settings for clock

Here below is a bigger picture of the clocks.  What I (we) forget is that there are numerous people with poor eyesight, so the picture below may be better for them.  To be fair to Microsoft, they have always been great at catering for those who are not as young or able bodied as the average computer nerd.  For example, Magnifier has been around for along time, Control Panel -> Ease of Use.

Vista clocks - Date and Time Settings

My other friend ‘Mad’ Mick complained because Vista allows you only two additional time zones (he wanted four).  As with previous operating systems, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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Summary of the New Vista Time Settings

The new time settings are trivial.  However, they are good examples of the numerous extra touches you get with Vista.

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