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Introduction to Additional Account Info

What Acctinfo.dll does for you is expose more properties in ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers), for example lastLogon and Password Expires.  Specifically, with this add-on you get an extra tab in ADUC called Additional Account Info.

What led me to discover this treasure called acctinfo.dll was research into an LDAP property called lastLogon.  The reason that I have not used acctinfo.dll previously is that whenever I need to investigate such hidden Active Directory attributes, I launch ADSI Edit.

Topics for Additional Account Info


How to Add Additional Account Info Property Tab.

Our mission is to add an extra tab to ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers).  Amongst the extra information on this tab is, the lastLogon time, UserAccountControl value and Bad Password Count.

All we need to display this extra information is to obtain a dynamic link-library file called acctinfo.dll, copy it to the correct folder and then register the service.  Here are detailed instructions to achieve our mission:

Download and Install Additional Account Info

This is how to get the Active Directory additional account info tab.

  1. Download acctinfo.dll or acctinfo in zip format

  2. Copy acctinfo.dll to the %systemroot%\system32 folder

  3. Register the service and dll with this command:
    regsvr32 acctinfo  (Similar to registering the schema snap-in)

  4. Close, then open Active Directory Users and Computers.

  5. Look for an extra tab called Additional Account Info.

Learning Points for Acctinfo.dllAdditional Account Info acctinfo.dll

Note 1: My information is that you need to install acctinfo on the machine where you execute the ADUC snap-in.

Note 2: In line with modern best practice, once you have registered acctinfo, there is no need to reboot your server.

Note 3: If you wish to remove the Additional Account Info tab, open a Run dialog box and then type:
regsvr32 /u acctinfo

Note 4: Acctinfo is supplied free by Microsoft.

Extra Properties Displayed Under Additional Account Info

  • Password Last Set and Password Expires
  • User Account Control, for example a value of 512 means enabled or 514 disabled. Also a value of 66048 (see diagram) means that the account cannot be locked out.
  • Whether the account has been locked out – or not. (Locked: No)
  • SID and GUID
  • Last Logon, Logoff times
  • Logon Count, Bad Password Count

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How to Remove Acctinfo

You can remove Acctinfo.dll by calling for Regedit. Using the command-line, or PowerShell, run this instruction:

regsvr32 /u %systemroot%\system32\acctinfo.dll

More Tools Like AcctInfo.dll.

Helps isolate and troubleshoot account lockouts and to change a user’s password on a domain controller in that user’s site. It works by adding new property pages to user objects in the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Used on the client computer, the idea is to discover more about a process that is sending wrong credentials.

Problem with Exchange: ALockout.dll can thwart the Exchange store from starting.

Display all your Domain Controllers that are involved in locking-out a user.  LockoutStatus.exe uses the NLParse.exe tool to parse Netlogon logs for specific Netlogon return status codes. It creates a csv file to assist with troubleshooting.

Can extract entries from the Netlogon log files.

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Summary of Active Directory Additional Account Info

Acctinfo not only gives extra information about the last time a user logged on, but also ‘Bad Password count’ and the ‘UserAccountControl value’.  Download and install acctinfo.dll and thus get the extra tab to see what your users have been doing.

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