Microsoft Support

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 Microsoft Support

Microsoft offer a ‘Rolls Royce’ service to solve your software problem.  Naturally the program has to belong to the suite of Microsoft server or desktop applications.

Typical Frustrating Scenario

You have tried to solve the problem yourself.  You trawl articles through articles suggested by your favourite search engine.  Perhaps you join a few forums and even post your question.  No answer comes the stern reply.

You are at your wits end, you may even be losing sleep, or worse still dreaming about your problem.  Possibly in your heart you know the answer already, phone Microsoft’s support, however you think it will cost an arm and a leg.

Costs vary, and the impact of that cost varies depending on your financial circumstance, but if you value peace of mind, then bite the bullet, make that call pay the charge.

A Humbling Experience

Judging by my website, which I wrote myself, you may think that I am an expert and should know all the answers.  Therefore, you can see while calling Microsoft was a humbling experience for me.  In fact I came out of each incident with a reminder that when under extreme pressure, structured troubleshooting is better than going around in circles and clutching at straws.

If we look at the big picture, we can appreciate that nobody knows everything about computing.  Two other factors follow, everyone has their Achilles’ heel and being great in one area does not necessarily mean expertise in a different discipline.

I once new a Professor of Botany who did not know how to drive a car.  In addition to being a genius at developing plants to grow in near-desert conditions, his hobby was visiting pubs and writing reports for a local paper.  The way he saw, it driving a car would have been incompatible with his hobby; he always took a taxi or had a friend drive him to the boozer.

Cases Where Microsoft Support Helped Guy Thomas