SharePoint Portal Server 2001 – Security Roles


Most people need some method of controlling who can do what to documents.  In addition to the usual read, write, delete permissions, SharePoint has check-in, check-out and publish permissions.  SharePoint Portal Server combines these security permissions in three roles.

Coordinator – Is the top level they can do everything

Authors –  can do everything except change the access control list and so cannot invite in their friends. 

Reader – which is particularly descriptive for this lowest role.  Readers cannot check-out documents, but they can view what has been published.

The roles are assigned to Windows 2000 or an NT account.  So users logon as normal, and are authenticated when they access the SharePoint Portal across the network.

Technically each document has two Access Control Lists (ACLs), one at the Web Storage System which controls the traditional read / write, and one at the SharePoint server which controls  the check-in, check-out and publishing security.

Note: SharePoint team server has different Roles and security arrangements.



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