SharePoint Portal Server 2001 – Approval


Workflow has been one of the exciting document concepts of the last ten years, SharePoint makes it easy to build-in approval to a document’s properties.

Configuring ApprovalApproval

Document approval is a job for the coordinator.  They need the Web Folder View, Document, Properties and set the Approval Properties.

Approval Logic

Workflow is flexible.  If we consider a major decision, it may be that everyone needs to approve before you move to a new office.  In this scenario, you would need the All at Once, All Approve option.  In the old English clubs this would be the ‘Black Ball’ option anyone can veto.

If we take a more trivial example, approving a stationary order, perhaps a number of people could authorize the purchase.  In this case the coordinator could set All at once, Only one approval needed (See diagram).

Approval and Workflow options are limited only by your imagination, SharePoint covers all bases.