Registry Hack – Change Registered Owner

 Introduction to Changing Registered Owner

The purpose of this registry hack is to change the Registered to: as seen in the system icon.  The scenario is that the wrong person has been assigned the registered owner.  Perhaps the company had been merged or taken over. 

Our Task – to find and change the Registered Owner

When it comes to making changes to the registry, I favour Regedit over RegEdt32, because Regedit has a much better find, it also remembers the last place you visited.  To me, RegEdt32 is clunky, and more difficult to use.

Registered Owner - Regedit - Registry HackFirst Objective to get to the CurrentVersion registry hive.

Method  Use the Find (menu) in Regedit, but be prepared to use F3 if you do not get to the RegisteredOwner at first.

Note RegisteredOwner is all one word with no spaces.

Alternative Method: Drill down to: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\RegisteredOwner

Note the path at the bottom of the diagram.

Second Objective change RegisteredOwner

Double Click RegisteredOwner then change the value to what you want.  Re-open the System Icon and check your new value

Bonus Objective change RegisteredOrganization

Just above the RegisteredOwner, you will see a REG_SZ RegisteredOrganization, why not change this as well to reflect your preference.

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  • Use Regedit rather than Regedt32 because it has a wonderful FIND
  • Use the REGISTRY Export setting as a precaution
  • Rename settings you do not needed or want, avoid deleting anything in the registry
  • If you are following advice, check whether it says ADD or Change.  With ADD you need an extra step.
  • Practice remote registry editing to prepare for an emergency

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