Registry Hack – Low Disk Space Notification

Introduction to Low Disk Space Notification

If you find ‘Low Disk Notification’ errors are getting on your nerves, then it is obviously best to empty the Recycle Bin and delete temporary files, however if all else fails and the message is driving you mad there is a Registry Hack.  The Low Disk Space Notification setting is designed for XP, works but is untested on W2K Professional.

Getting Started – Adding NoLowDiskSpaceChecks

The best executable to hack the registry is Regedit.exe.  Go to the START (Button), RUN, REGEDIT (Type), OK (Button).  The Windows 2003 version remembers the last place you visited which is useful if you use Regedit often.

If you are still not sure how to start Regedit,click here.

If you wish to disable the low disk space notification messages:

1) Run Regedit
2) Navigate to:


3) From the Edit menu, select New, DWORD Value.
4) Type NoLowDiskSpaceChecks, and then press ENTER.
5) On the Edit menu, click Modify. Type 1 (Numeric one)

Alternatively, here is .Reg file that will create the DWORD for you.

Registry Learning Points

Note 1:  This a rare job for the HKCurrent_User, mostly registry changes are HKLM.
Trap   :  This a DWORD – not a String value
Guess :  What a value of 0 (zero) would achieve? – Answer: Turn this value off, revert to the default where you will be notified.

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Low Disk Space Notification can be a pain.  If you have tried everything else then go to the registry and add a DWORD NoLowDiskSpaceChecks.  Or download a .Reg file that will create the DWORD for you.

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