Windows PowerShell Read-Host

Windows PowerShell Read-Host (Input Box)Input Box Read-Host

When you need user input, then employ Read-Host with associated variables.  This is PowerShell’s equivalent of MsgBox() in VBScript.

Windows PowerShell Read-Host Topics


PowerShell Script To Generate an Input Box

# PowerShell Read-Host Input Box
$YearCalc = Read-Host "When were you born?"
$Now = (Get-Date -uformat "%Y") -$YearCalc
$Maybe = $Now -1
Write-Host "You are $Maybe or $Now years old "

Input Box Read-Host

Note 1:  $YearCalc is the variable that holds the value you enter into the input box.

Note 2: I am sure that you can do better with the math and with the logic.

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Further Research on Read-Host

PowerShell’s Read-Host Parameters

# PowerShell Read-Host Parameters
Get-Help Read-Host -full

If you want a more secure input box, try -AsSecureString this will displays asterisks (****) in place of the characters that the user types in the box.   You could also experiment with -prompt.

Creating a Pop-up Message

Here is a technique where PowerShell creates a ComObject, which in turn, has a method to produce a pop-up message.

$WshShell = New-Object -ComObject
$Time = Get-Date -UFormat %R
$Message ="Test for $Env:computername at: " + $Time
$PopUp = $WshShell.popup("$Message",0,"Task Scheduler Pop-up",1)

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Here is PowerShell Script to Check for a Process

The concept is to produce a message box if a named process (iExplore) is actually running as reported in Task Manager.

# PowerShell script to test if a program is running.
$i =1
$Victim = "iExplore"
# PowerShell function to produce the payload function
function Output-MsgBox
$WshShell = New-Object -ComObject
$Message ="$Victim is running "
$PopUp = $WshShell.popup("$Message",0,"Your Alert ",1)

# Test if a list of processes contains a particular item
For (1..1000) {
$Alerty = Get-Process
if($Alerty.ProcessName -Contains $Victim) {
Output-MsgBox; Start-Sleep 100}
Else {Write-Host "No $Victim $i";Start-Sleep 10} $i++

Note 3: I recommend you change this line in your script:
$Victim = "iExplore"

Note 4: This script is ripe for modifying, particularly in finessing the ‘If.. else’ logic.

Researching Similar PowerShell Cmdlets

# PowerShell Item Cmdlet Research
Get-Command -Noun Host

You may already know about Write-Host and Clear-Host (cls), but there is also Out-Host.  PowerShell -Noun or -verb research always throws up at least one surprise.

Summary of PowerShell Read Host

When you need user input, then employ Read-Host with associated variables.  This is PowerShell’s equivalent of MsgBox() in VBScript.

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