PowerShell v 3.0 Foreach-Object Loops

PowerShell v 3.0 Foreach-Object Changes

I want to draw your attention to changes to Foreach-Object in PowerShell 3.0, while highlighting the differences between the Foreach statement and the Foreach-Object cmdlet.

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Foreach-Object in PowerShell 2.0

This is the first half of my experiment:

# PowerShell 2.0 version of Foreach-Object
$Prog =Get-ChildItem ‘C:\program files\*.*’ -recurse
Measure-Command {$Prog | Foreach-Object {$_.name}

Note 1: My result was 170 ms.

Note 2: You could use the percentage sign as an alias % {$_.name}

Foreach-Object in PowerShell 3.0

The whole point is that in PowerShell 3.0 you don't need the {curly brackets}.  I don't approve of this shortcut, in my mind it's only going to lead to confusion.

# PowerShell 3.0 version of Foreach-Object
$Prog =Get-ChildItem ‘C:\program files\*.*’ -recurse
Measure-Command {$Prog | Foreach-Object $_.name

Note 3: My result was the same: 170 ms; removing the brackets made no difference.

Conclusion:  Not a big deal, PowerShell 3.0 allows you to remove the {} in the block.  We are comparing {$_.name} with $_.name.

Scripting Rationale

The whole rationale of scripting is speed up manual operations.  Thus, one of the key elements is looping through a set of instructions while applying a script block to each item.

PowerShell 3.0 loops have simpler syntax compared with versions 1 and 2. As a result beginners can create loops more easily, yet old-timers can reiterate using the same constructions they used in PowerShell 1.0.

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Foreach Statement

Purely to compare and contrast with the examples above, here is the simpler statement version.  Its main benefit is speed.

$Prog = Get-ChildItem ‘C:\program files\*.*’ -recurse
Measure-Command {Foreach ($item in $Prog) {$_.name}}

Note 4: My result was 16.561 ms

With the Foreach statement you cannot use the % alias.

If you get an error message test this snippet:
Get-ChildItem ‘C:\program files\*.*’ -recurse

 See more on PowerShell Measure-Command ยป

Recap of PowerShell’s Foreach Loop

Let us examine the PowerShell 2.0 loop syntax:
Foreach ($item in $collection-array) {command_block}.

Foreach is the PowerShell instruction to cycle or repeat; it feeds on an array of ($items in $collection-array) then you need a {Block statement payload}.

One more tiny, but crucial, component of the PowerShell foreach loop is ‘in’.

Simple PowerShell Foreach

# PowerShell Foreach Example
Foreach ($number in 1..10 ) { $number * 25}

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Summary of PowerShell Foreach-Object Loops

In PowerShell 3.0 the Where-Object and Foreach-Object have made adding a set of {Curly} brackets optional.  The idea is to make the scripts easier to write for beginners.  However, you will notice many old-times still use the version 2.0 fuller syntax.

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