Microsoft Exams  70-291 – Sample Exam Question

Q1. The server room at Broken Hill looks like scene from a Doctor�s consulting room; Brenda has projected a PowerPoint slide of DNS property page.


Exam 70-291 Test Question. Implementing, Managing, Maintaining Server Network

The network team are in a particularly restless mood. Before poor Brenda has a chance to speak about the facilities management contract at, the assembled riff-raff shout out these fragments from their disturbed minds.

When they all calmed down knowledgeable, sensible Brenda reasserted herself by saying which of the following?

A. Bobby you are correct, does have one last NT 4.0 DNS server functioning in the domain.

B. Bella, you are right when you say that was not running when this slide shot was taking.

C. Borris, you right when you say that Dynamic updates could be tightened up now that only have XP clients.

D. Billy you are right when you say that the slide demonstrates that the Root Hints have been changed.

E. Barbara you right when you say that the slide indicates that WINS is not being used.



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