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Guy’s Keywords

Keywords are ‘heavy’ words, loaded with meaning and nuance.  Just imagine you are reading the question.  It talks about Server A, in Boston with a link to Server B in Denver…  You are falling asleep, when suddenly the question mentions Server C which is running Windows 2000 in Workgroup and has a subordinate CA.  Here are 3 highly significant words, Workgroup, 2000 and subordinate, I do hope that you did not miss them because I would bet that at least one of those 3 words will be the key to the answer.

The fact that the city happens to be Boston is irrelevant, the question would mean the same if you changed Boston to Miami.  However, if the question changed the Workgroup to a Domain would have a drastic effect on the outcome.  Even changing Windows 2000 to Windows 2003, would alert you to looking for new features in 2003 which point to the correct answer.

My point is that your brain should enter high alert state once you see any of these keywords words in a question. 

Here is a a wild guess, you probably already know these terms already.  My hidden agenda is to home in on their specific significance in the question you are answering.

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Keyword Pairs

Assign or Publish, Group Policy

User or Computer, Group Policy

Domain or Domain Controller, Group Policy

Domain Controller or File Server

Workgroup or Domain

Enterprise or Standard (Web) Editions

Root or subordinate, in the context of Domain or CA

Primary or Secondary (DNS)

Root (Parent) Child Domain

Authoritative or non-authoritative, Active Directory Restore

Global or Universal Group

Windows 2000 or Windows 2003  As applied to Domain, Functional Level

Windows 2000 Pro or XP Pro

Share or NTFS permissions



Active / Active or Active / Passive (hot spare node)

Cluster or Network Load Balance

My challenge is for you to spot the keywords in your question.

Single words



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In Windows 2003 Native Mode, how do you change the scope of a group from Domain Local to Global?
Universal, then Global
Local, then Global
Distribution, then Security
Change to Forest Mode
CSVDE -e -f Global.csv

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