70-290 Guy’s Exam Questions – ebook

 70-290 – Guy’s original exam questions

Not only I have written 45 exam questions, but I have also compiled an ebook covering the 70-290 syllabus, exam preparation notes and handy tips.  Naturally you also get the answers and explanations.

I wrote all the questions myself using fictitious Welsh characters like Blodwen and Ivor.  The server names all have a fruity theme, Cherry, Greengage and Plum.  (There is no Apple!).

The format is multi-choice, occasionally 2 answers are required, but the number of answers in always declared.  (There are no – ‘Select all of the above’)  My questions are designed to help you pass VUE / Prometric exam 70-290 Windows 2003 server.  This is a core exam for both MCSA and MCSE.

My questions are designed to work with the marvellous Autodumper format.  That means that you can view the questions in a browser, much as you would in the real exam.  Once you click on your choice the correct answer appears along with an explanation.

For those who cannot use autodumper there are also the same set of questions in Word format which you can print out.

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Topics for 70-290 Exam questions

Note: You also get an ebook in addition to the 45 questions and answers.

  • Managing user accounts – DS Family, Scope and type of Groups
  • Disks – Dynamic and Basic.  Diskpart and Disk Manager
  • Disaster Recovery – Backup Restore, Safe Mode, ASR
  • Permissions – NTFS, Share, Auditing
  • Printing
  • Group Policies
  • SUS – (Software Update Service)
  • Exam Syllabus and content notes
  • Exam Tips


Buy now: Pay at ClickBank for only $6.95 at Clickbank.

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