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Scriptomatic – a tool to learn about the WMI interface.

Scriptomatic is a magic file which can actually write your scripts.  It will almost never make a syntax error, and will guide into new scripting areas.  Finally, Scriptomatic will prepare you if you want to get inside the WMI (Windows Management Interface).

Scriptomatic will show you what WMI is all about.  I have included a copy of Scriptomatic along with instructions on how to get started in my Logon Script eBook.  This is the ultimate tool if you want to collect information about the system processes and object classes.  It will swamp you with data, so you have to master the filters.


Here is an example of Scriptomatic in action, in Diagram 1 (Thumbnail) I asked Scriptomatic to collect the WIN32_OperatingSystem information.  Underneath is the result.


Diagram 1

Results of Scriptomatic set to WIN32_OperatingSystem

BootDevice: \Device\HarddiskVolume2
BuildNumber: 3790
BuildType: Uniprocessor Free
Caption: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
CodeSet: 1252
CountryCode: 44
CreationClassName: Win32_OperatingSystem
CSCreationClassName: Win32_ComputerSystem
CurrentTimeZone: 60
Debug: False
Description: Guy’s v2
Distributed: False
EncryptionLevel: 168
ForegroundApplicationBoost: 2
FreePhysicalMemory: 45504
FreeSpaceInPagingFiles: 810072
FreeVirtualMemory: 855576
InstallDate: 20030804165417.000000+060
LargeSystemCache: 0
LastBootUpTime: 20031005074330.500000+060
LocalDateTime: 20031005134602.937000+060
Locale: 0809
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
MaxNumberOfProcesses: -1
MaxProcessMemorySize: 2097024
Name: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition|H:\WINDOWS|\Device\Harddisk1\Partition2

NumberOfLicensedUsers: 0
NumberOfProcesses: 62
NumberOfUsers: 2
Organization: CP
OSLanguage: 1033
OSProductSuite: 274
OSType: 18
PAEEnabled: False
Primary: True
ProductType: 2
QuantumLength: 2
QuantumType: 1
RegisteredUser: Guy
SerialNumber: 69763-005-0250644-43848
ServicePackMajorVersion: 0
ServicePackMinorVersion: 0
SizeStoredInPagingFiles: 1280828
Status: OK
SuiteMask: 274
SystemDevice: \Device\HarddiskVolume6
SystemDirectory: H:\WINDOWS\system32
SystemDrive: H:
TotalVirtualMemorySize: 1804592
TotalVisibleMemorySize: 523764
Version: 5.2.3790
WindowsDirectory: H:\WINDOWS

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Some techies like to use scripts to collect information on DHCP, DNS, RRAS and other services.  Scriptomatic is the ideal assistant to learn about the processes and display the statistics.

Get a copy of Scriptomatic and much more in myLogon Script eBook

Who should we thank for Scriptomatic?  Bob Wells, Dean Tsaltas, Ethan Wilansky, and Greg Stemp. At the time of writing the work at Microsoft

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