Windows Update Code Error 80072EFE

Troubleshooting Error 80072EFE Code


The Simplest Solution – Try Again

My point: error 80072EFE or 80072F76 can be caused by a break in your internet connection (flaky line, phone interuption).  Naturally if a line disruption is the cause, then a retry is the easiest solution.

Manually Fix Error Code 80072EFE

OK.  The problem persists time for further action, but first:

Take Precautions:

Before Trying This Fix For Error Code 80072EFE

  1. Back up your files
  2. Create a restore point so that you can rollback if it goes wrong.
  3. That said be positive!  The reverse of Murphy’s law is that if you take sensible steps, nothing goes wrong!

Preliminary Steps

Disable your firewall and anti-virus software.

Mission: To stop the Cryptographics Services

Click on Start Menu >> Click on Run Button

In the Open Box type Services  press Enter

Double click Cryptographic services
Click Stop if it is been started

Objective: To delete the Catroot2

Locate C:\Windows\system32\"folder
Delete this Catroot2 subfolder
Start the Cryptographic services

Uninstall software causing Error Code 80072EFE

Investigate software that you have installed recently that could be causing the error.  Launch the Control Panel, navigate to Uninstall (Add remove programs)

Solarwinds Patch ManagerGuy Recommends You Try SolarWinds Patch Manager (SPM)

With SPM you can push out patches, which companies such as Mozilla Firefox or Adobe Acrobat provide.  The point is that because WSUS does not do this for non-Microsoft software updates, you need a good add-on to take care of this task.  With the Patch Manager you can even create your own packages to apply to your servers or clients.

Download your free trial of SolarWinds Patch Manager

Kaspersky Fix for Error 80072EFE

Kaspersky have come up with a solution to the 80072EFE error.  It involves fixing the rootkit files.

Download this file from Kepersky

Run the file and follow the steps to cure the 80072EFE problem.

Once you have rebooted your system, then check for new Windows updates.

General Diagnosis of Error 80072EFE

What I can offer is general principles, such as, pay close attention to the line number and the precise wording of the error message.

Following the line number, I would turn my attention to permissions, are you logged on as an administrator? What is the script trying to achieve?  Does the file or folder referenced need admin rights?

Next, move check out the Source: = service.  Does this mean anything to you?  Research the name of the service using built-in help.  See more about diagnosing VBScript problems.

Windows Update: Access Denied Error Code 80072EFE

This is sometimes caused because you are not an Administrator, or do not have administrator priveleges. A well phrased problem is half of the cure, and in this case just make sure tht your account has the ‘top dog’ administrator priveleges, and is using them.

Once you have logged off an logged on again (as Admin) just re-apply the Windows Update or hotfix.  Incidentally, insufficient rights or priveleges is a common thread of other types of Access Denied problems in general, and code 80070005 in particular.

Registry Fixes for Error Code 80072EFE

To be frank, I think that most people offering to sell you a registry cleaner that will cure your 80070005 error are scam merchants.  If I am wrong, and you want to go down that route at leaset pay with card, that way there is a chance that you can get a refund if I am right and the tool does nothing useful.

Solarwinds Free WMI MonitorGuy Recommends: WMI Monitor and It’s Free!

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is one of the hidden treasures of Microsoft operating systems.  Fortunately, SolarWinds have created the WMI Monitor so that you can examine these gems of performance information for free.  Take the guess work out of which WMI counters to use for applications like Microsoft Active Directory, SQL or Exchange Server.

Download your free copy of WMI Monitor

Do you need additional help?

Give something back?

Would you like to help others?  If you have a good example of this error, then please email me, I will publish it with a credit to you:

Summary of Error Code 80072EFE

My feeling is that 80072EFE is a difficult problem to solve.  Perhaps the best option is to check Kaspersky’s link.  Thanks to readers sending in information on this error code, we are slowly building up a library of problems, and even more importantly, solutions. 

Therefore, if you have a screen shot and a code then send it to me,

a) I will do my my best to solve it.

b) I will add it here with a credit to you.

To email me for advice, click here:

Error:Access is denied

code: 80070005



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