TCP/IP Suite

How many TCP/IP protocols can you name?

Best Practice (Litmus Test)

Professionals: Can name twenty TCP/IP protocols

Amateurs: Believe that there are only 2 protocols in the TCP/IP suite

TCP/IP protocol suite

TCP, UDP, IP, Hostname


Ping (ICMP), Tracert, Ipconfig, Route, NSLookup




Rexec, lpq, finger

If you are interested in analysing these protocols, then install the Network Monitor from the Control Panel, Add remove programs, Windows Components, Management and Monitoring tools.

The reason for learning these protocols is not so much academic, but practical.  Professionals regularly use Ping, Ipconfig /all in connectivity troubleshooting.  They can also call upon Tracert, NETSTAT, NSLookup and Telnet if the situation requires further investigation.

Ten more utilities for Windows Server 2003 / 2000

  1. ADMT- Excellent tool to migrate user settings, also useful in Exchange 5.5 migrations.
  2. ADSI* – Use it to learn LDAP and configure important, hidden away, Active Directory settings.
  3. Active Directory Replication Monitor* – Use to Synchronise Domain Controllers and to trace their connection topology.
  4. MMC# – Take 10 minutes to add all the snap-ins, you need for all the servers on your network.
  5. Network Monitor# – Install from the Windows Components, Maintenance and Monitoring.
  6. Ping# and  Ipconfig# – I know they are basic, but do you know all the Ipconfig switches?
  7. NTDSUTIL# – Powerful command line tool for an authoritative repair of Active Directory from backup.
  8. System Monitor# (Performance Monitor) – Discover the bottleneck on your network, find out what is using all the resources.
  9. Visio – You need to buy this program, but its worth it to plan your Active Directory domain, trees and OUs.
  10. Windows 2000 Resource kit has over 120 additional utilities – well worth the money.

* Can be found on the \support folder on the Windows Server 2003 Server CD

# Built-in to Windows Server 2003. See more server tools.

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