Patient Participation Group (PPG) Transport Problems

The Patient Participation Group Transport ProblemsDroitwich bus problem for hospital transport

I am fortunate in now having a car.  However, it was not always so, there was a time 15 years ago when I relied on public transport.

One of my fellow PPG members champions the cause of effective public transport from Droitwich to local hospitals in general, and the Princess of Wales Hospital in Worcester in particular.  The purpose of this page is to support him.

Now there used to be a number 22 / 22a bus that went from Droitwich via Claines to what was then Newton Hospital, and is now the bigger, better Princess of Wales Hospital.

I Have Broken Down the Problem Into a Series of Questions

  1. How big is the demand for a bus service from Droitwich to the Princess of Wales Hospital in Worcester?
    Possible answers from:
    i) A petition in the local surgeries.
    ii) Data from the previous 22 bus service.  Presumably it was taken off because it was not profitable?
    Supplementary Question. Would a more direct route be better rather than going through Claines?
  2. Is it true that all other town of comparable size to Droitwich have a bus service to their local hospital?
  3. If so, who can authorise such a bus service for Droitwich?  Who understands the rules of who can commission a bus service?

Action Points:
Pie-in-the-sky Ideas – Or Lateral Thinking

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