Microsoft Exchange 2003 – Queue Viewer and Message Tracking

Introduction to Queue Viewer and Message Tracking

Here are two handy utilities for troubleshooting why a message has not been delivered.  Develop techniques to trace messages in your Exchange 2003 server.

Topics for Exchange 2003’s Queue Viewer


Improvements to Queue Viewer Exchange Queue Viewer

In Exchange 2003, Queue Viewer makes it easier to monitor the message queues. For example, you can now view SMTP queues in Queue Viewer, rather than from the protocol menu. Other enhancements include:

Disabling outbound mail Queue Viewer means you can prevent accounts sending mail from any SMTP queue.  This would be useful as a temporary measure if you were dealing with a virus.

Finding messages is straightforward, just search for messages based on the sender, or recipient using Find Messages.

View previously hidden queues Queue Viewer.  Exchange 2003 show three queues that were not visible in Exchange 2000:

  • DSN (Delivery Status Messages) Usually means there is a problem with the Store, also check the Application Event Log.
  • Failed message retry queue.  Messages stuck here could be corrupted.
  • Messages queued for deferred delivery.  Maybe you were moving a mailbox and a message arrives.  Perhaps the user has no mailbox.

Exchange Monitor from SolarWindsGuy Recommends: The SolarWinds Exchange Monitor

Here is a free tool to monitor your Exchange Server.  Download and install the utility, then inspect your mail queues, monitor the Exchange server’s memory, confirm there is enough disk space and check the CPU utilization.

This is the real deal – there is no catch.  SolarWinds provides this fully-functioning freebie, as part of their commitment to supporting the network management community.

Free Download of SolarWinds Exchange Monitor

Message Tracking

What has improved in Exchange 2003 is the ability to track messages after they have been categorized.

  • Messages categorized and queued for routing (enqueue for routing)
  • Messages routed and queued for local delivery (enqueue for local delivery)
  • Messages routed and queued for remote delivery (enqueue for remote delivery)
  • Messages queued for categorization retry
  • Messages queued for local delivery retry
  • Messages queued for routing retry

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