Code Error 80070055 – The local device name is already in use

Troubleshooting Error Code 80070055 – The local device is already in use

Introduction to Error Code 80070055

Error code 80070055 occurs when you try to map a network drive with a VBScript.  My suggestion is that you have already mapped a drive with this particular letter.Code Error 8005055 - The device is already in use

The Symptoms You Get 80070055

When you execute the VBScript you get a WSH (Windows Script Host) message box like this diagram opposite.  The script does not execute as you had hoped.

The Cause of Error 80070055

One possibility is that you trying to map a network drive but the drive letter you wish to use has already been assigned.   Perhaps you have already run the script once, and now you double click the .vbs file one more time.  Alternatively, you have forgotten that the H:\ or K:\ drive letter is a physical drive on this particular machine.

Another cause could be your VBScript contains an illegal LDAP reference, probably a typing mistake, maybe an extra letter.  Check the spelling of your objects in the script.

Another clue is the Source: WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive. A clear indication that the MapNetworkDrive method is causing the error.

For ‘The local device name is already in use’, check your drive letters and printers, in particular lookout for potential duplicates.  You could also try the free Kiwi Syslog Server network utility

The Solutions for The local device is already in use

To examine the drive letters, open windows explorer and check the local drive letters against the DriveLetter used in your script.  In this example it is the K: drive which is causing the problem.

Another cause could be a syntax error.  Check or adjust the slashes in your path. 

For example: RemotePath = "\\ alan\home"     is correct.
For example: RemotePath = "\\ alan\home\"    has an extra \ at the end and is incorrect.

Under different circumstance is could be a duplicate printer.  So check the printer folder to see what printers have already been installed.

Check this section for examples of MapNetworkDrive

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Example Script for Error 80070055

GuyNet.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath

The DriveLetter corresponds to K: and the problem was that the drive letter was already mapped.

‘Purpose of the script is to Connect or Disconnect the K drive
‘If connected it disconnects

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set GuyNet = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set CheckDrive = GuyNet.EnumNetworkDrives()

DriveLetter = "K:" ‘DriveLetter must be a CAPITAL letter
RemotePath = "\\alan\home"

AlreadyConnected = False
‘GuyNet.RemoveNetworkDrive DriveLetter
For i = 0 To CheckDrive.Count – 1 Step 2
If CheckDrive.Item(i) = DriveLetter Then AlreadyConnected = True

If AlreadyConnected = True then
GuyNet.RemoveNetworkDrive DriveLetter
GuyNet.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath
WshShell.PopUp "Drive " & DriveLetter & "Disconnected, then connected successfully."

GuyNet.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath
WshShell.PopUp "Drive " & DriveLetter & " connected successfully."

End if

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