Error Code 80004005 – Unspecified Error

Troubleshooting Code Error 80004005 – Unspecified Error

Think of error 80004005 as meaning the script could not access your data.  The most likely reason is a permissions related problem.  Your best chance of resolving this problem is to study carefully any associated message, for example, ‘File already in use’, or ‘Logon Failed’.

Introduction to Error Code 80004005

Error 80004005 is a general error for all manner of events.  I have to confess that I am still trying to understand all the causes of this code number.  One thread that runs through error 80004005 problems is permissions.  Another thread is incorrect format, for example you entering a number instead of a string.  This is particularly true of telephone or fax numbers.

My main interest is in VBScript errors, however, I have added database examples for completeness.

The first branch in your decision tree is this an ASP error or some other ODBC error.

Three types of 80004005 Error


VBScript Symptoms WSH Error Code 80004005 - Unspecified Error

What you see is WSH (Windows Script Host) message box. The script does not execute as you had hoped. Instead you get a message box like this picture:

The Causes of Code Error 80004005

VBScript / CScript

1) In this case, VBScript was trying to store a password.  With error 80004005 there is usually an element of access denied.  Insufficient rights, wrong permissions.

2) It can occur when a VBScript attempts to connect to scriptpw.dll.  There are other causes, such as connecting to COM objects or ADO, or other database object.

3) Another thread is Number v String value format. If you are dealing with a phone number, make sure that you add it as string value and not as a pure number.  Extra information supplied by Murda McLoud.  ‘I worked out that had to convert the number to a string to stop the 80004005 error.  Then the objUser.Put would work properly and save the data.’

Solutions for Error 80004005

This has been a very difficult error to track down.  Possibly the error was due to using WScript instead of CScript.

Check the underlying database, for example, names, exclusive locks and especially permissions.

One additional problem that I had with Error 80004005 was due to a firewall blocking the relevant port, it was either 80 or 135.

Example 1: VBScript with Error 80004005

I have to admit this may not be terribly useful example for your specific problem, but then Code 80004005 is invariably a vague permission problem.

Dim objScriptPW
Dim strPassword, strValidPWord

Set objScriptPW=CreateObject("ScriptPW.Password")
WScript.Echo "Enter password to run script:"

If strPassword <> strValidPWord Then WScript.Quit

WScript.Echo "Hi Password"

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Example 2: String v Number Problem

strTel = objExcel.Cells(intRow, 7).Value strFax = objExcel.Cells(intRow, 8).Value

objUser.Put "telephoneNumber", strTel
objUser.Put "facsimiletelephoneNumber", strFax


The solution is to make sure that the values in intRow 7 and intRow 8 are string values and not pure numbers.

Example 3: Connectivity Problems for Error 80004005

Firstly, the error 80004005 may be ‘by design’ in that the database has been locked by another process or user and therefore cannot accept a connection at this time.

Secondly, apply good troubleshooting tactics and pay close attention to the Line: number, also any Source: clues.

Examples of Connectivity related problems

There is no server on port 80 at ‘BigServer’. (Error code = 80004005)

‘Geronimo’ is not a valid host name or IP address. (Error code = 80004005)

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80004005’

SQL Permissions Problem

Step Error code: 80004005
Step Error Help File:DTSFFile.hlp
Step Error Help Context ID:0

Causes of Connectivity related Problems

As with all 80004005, I would start with permissions.  You may get a good clue such as ‘Login Failed’ or [ODBC Microsoft SQL Driver] Logon Failed().

When a database is on a different server from the Web server.  Sometimes the problem is using a UNC path to reference a database.   One nasty problem with UNC paths is that even if the database is on the same computer as the Web server, the Web server assumes that the database resides on a different computer.

Permissions and Temporary Files Error 80004005

Double check the permissions on the file and the folder.  In particular ensure that your account can create and/or destroy any temporary files. Temporary files are usually created in the same folder as the database, but the file may also be created in other folders 

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Error 80004005 Symptoms With Data Access Components

MTS – Microsoft Transaction Server
You are trying to pass and ADO Recordset from COM to ASP.  When passing a disconnected ActiveX Date Objects (ADO) Recordset from a Component Object Model (COM) component inside a Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Server Package/COM+ Application to Active Server Pages (ASP), you may receive one of the following error messages:
error ‘80004005’
Unspecified error
/xxx.asp, line x

When trying to pass values of the types, such as strings (BSTR), you must declare those field types explicitly instead of using adVariant.
rs.Fields.Append "ID", adVariant ‘this works since it is an Integer
rs.Fields.Append "fname", adVarChar, 50
rs.Fields.Append "lname", adVarChar, 50

Another Example of a Code 80004005 Error

Sub SetDepartment(objUser, strDepartment)
If IsNull(strDepartment) then
objUser.Put "department", ""
objUser.Put "department", strCompany ‘TYPO!
End If
End Sub

Kindly sent in by Simon T.

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