Ezine 181 – Free Tool: Solarwinds Network Config Generator

SolarWinds Config Generator (CG) – Free ToolSolarwinds Network Config Generator

Config Generator (CG) is a free tool, which puts you in charge of controlling changes to network routers and other SNMP devices.

In addition, Solarwinds say that CG can provide benefits such as tracking policy enforcement, making consistent change-control procedures, and complying with Federal regulations like FISMA.

Guy says that for newbies the biggest benefit of this free tool is that it will provide the impetus for you to learn more about configuring the SNMP service with its ‘Traps’ and ‘Communities’.  This is a brand new utility which Solarwinds released on January 26th 2010.

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Small Brother (CG) -v- Big Brother (NCM)

There is a growing trend amongst manufacturers of expensive network utilities to provide a free version.  These free versions have no time limitations, and they are all that a small network needs.  One benefit is that you can try before your buy.  I also like the idea of big companies in effect subsidising their poorer brethren.  But most of all, I like this new breed of free utilities because they help me learn more about computer networks.

For small networks the free Network Config Generator (CG) has all the features that you require – thank you very much Solarwinds.  However, if your network grows, or you have a complex network right now, then consider the extra features of the main man, namely the Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM).  Lookout for a copy of this and other free utilities as you download the Config Generator.

Possible Problems Using the Config Generator

While I keep stressing that CG is a free tool, great for getting you started, it still requires a machine with the SNMP service running, and an active ‘Public’ community.  If you have any problems then sign up for Solarwinds Thwack forum, that’s where the experts on Config Generator (and Orion) hang out and they will answer your questions.

For ‘Cisco Kids’, those with CCNA qualifications, they may face different problems, namely that CG does not fulfil their wish list, and to them I say, ‘try the big brother Orion Network Configuration Manager’.

Solutions That Config Generator Could Achieve for YouSolarwinds Network Config Generator

  • Configure VLANs and modify access lists.
  • Enable advanced features on network devices such as NetFlow, IP SLA and EnergyWise.
  • Quickly change a device’s configuration without looking up commands.
  • Create a template so that you can re-use standard configs across all similar devices easily.
  • Download Solarwinds’ Free Config Generator

Key Features & Benefits / Highlights:

  • Investigate advanced features of your network devices then control their configuration with a GUI.
  • Save time by running advanced network scripts with pre-defined templates.
  • Boost your network performance by activating network device features you’ve already paid for.

With Orion Network Configuration Manager You Can:

  • Run scripts on more than one device simultaneously.
  • Create nightly backups of configs.
  • Receive automatic change notification.
  • Detect config policy violations.
  • View an inventory of your network device hardware.

List of Config Changes That Solarwinds Support Out-of-the-box:


Solarwinds Config Generator is a free tool which puts you in charge network routers and other SNMP devices.  If you have paid for the features of a router, then make sure that you check out the settings and adjust them to suit your network.

Get your free copy of Config Generator

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