Microsoft’s Windows 10 Overview

Overview of Microsoft's Windows 10Microsoft Windows 10 Overview

This latest Microsoft operating system merges the potency of Windows 8 with the strengths of Windows 7.

The catch phrase is, ‘It's the Windows you know, only better’.

Windows 10 is more of a gradual evolution from its predecessors Windows 7 and 8, than the seismic jump from XP to Vista.  This is reflected in it's selling point which is do what you do already – only better.

Microsoft Windows 10

PC Settings

I love having options.  Thus I recommend you take the time to investigate the options in the PC Settings. For example:

  • Experiment with Network and Internet Settings.
  • Review Privacy Settings.
  • Double-check your language and time zone.
  • Take the trouble to adjust your Windows Updates behaviour.
  • Manage your printers and other devices.

Tip: Create desktop shortcuts to settings that you use often.

Embracing the New 'Edge Browser'

Microsoft have replaced their Internet Explorer with the Edge Browser.  When you encounter any new browser it's worth spending time getting its behaviour to your liking; for example, take the option 'Start with', I like to select a particular web site, others prefer a New Page.  If you examine the 'Advanced Settings' you will find options such as 'Use Adobe Flash'.  There is some protection against malicious sites with 'Smart Screen Filtering'.  The Advanced Settings is also where you can revisit any passwords that you are saving.

Listening to Microsoft's Cortana (Similar to Apple's Siri)

Cortana is a computerised help system that can respond to voice commands.  Microsoft's assistant is already giving personalized advice to Nokia Lumia phone users, and if you have seen Apple's Siri, then you will be familiar with how an intelligent personal assistant can be invoked with voice commands.

In the summer of 2015 Cortana will only be available in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and China, however, there plans for other countries to be added soon.  The obvious work-around is to visit the 'Region and Language' settings and tell Windows 10 a white lie about your current location, however, that may have unforeseen consequences.

Creating Multiple DesktopsMicrosoft Windows 10 Overview

Microsoft have toyed with providing users with multiple desktops since the days of Windows 95.  However, it is only in Windows 10 that this multi-tasking solution is truly easy to setup and time-saving in action.

 Windows Security

The 'Better Security' paradox.  Every new Windows operating system is trumpeted as having better security, while it's true that each system plugs the security gaps in it's predecessor, the trouble is that a new system provides fresh weaknesses for the bad guys to attack.

Overcoming a Windows 10 Upgrade Problem

Upgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 proved unexpectedly frustrating.  My error code was 80240020.  I will gloss over my many blind alleys and just give you the registry hack that allowed my Windows 10 upgrade to proceed.

Begin with a search for Regedit.

Launch Regedit (Remember to 'Run as Administrator).

Navigate to:


Edit [Menu], New DWORD (32-bit), AllowOSUpgrade set Value =1

Now return to Windows Update and select 'Check for Updates'.

Upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade

If you have a different problem installing Windows 10, this Microsoft forum is the best:

MSConfig Utility

For troubleshooting machines that are running slowly, or have been infected by a virus, launch MSConfig. 

I suggest that you start your quest for finding a rogue process in the Startup tab.  This is where all sorts of utilities force themselves into your Windows 8 startup routine.  See more MSConfig »

See Windows 8 overview »

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