Windows Storage Server 2003

Introduction to Windows Storage Server

‘Increase efficiency and reduce complexity’, is Microsoft’s catch phrase for their Storage Server 2003.  This server is dedicated to looking after your data files and replaces NAS 2.0 on Windows 2000.  Windows Storage Server is a separate product dedicated to NAS (Network Area Storage).  Naturally, it integrates with Active Directory for the file permissions on the stored data.

Windows Storage Server 2003 (NAS Gateway)

This Microsoft product is designed to solve the following problems with data that could have built up over a number years in your organization.

For too long you have been adding an assortment of discs and servers to patch up the users insatiable demands for data storage .  Now you want a unified state-of-the-art solution.

You narrowly avoided a disaster when your database server was offline for a day.  So you want an opportunity to improve your disaster recovery options.  Backup has been a nightmare and people are openly questioning whether a restore will actually work. 

Managing your data has become too complex.  There are too many servers each playing different role in data access.  You want a front end application server, and a backend storage area with easy backup and restore.

Improved features you get with Storage Server 2003

NAS 2.0 ran on Windows 2000, this has been superseded by Storage Server 2003 which runs on Windows Server 2003.

  • NAS devices running Windows Storage Server 2003 are configured for Plug and Play integration with your networks.
  • Advanced storage manager for file filtering and quota management.
  • New Network File System (NFS) server to improve performance.
  • Incorporates Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for point-in-time shadow copy capabilities.
  • Support for the enhanced version of distributed file system (DFS).
  • Support for the Microsoft Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Software Initiator.
  • Support and integration with Cluster Server Service.
  • Integration with Unix and Apple file systems.  Supports SMB (Server Messanger Block), CIFS (Common Internet File System), NFS (Network File System) and WEBDav.

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Downside of Windows Storage Server:

Storage server cannot double up as SQL or Exchange application server.  However it does integrate fully with Active Directory, in the sense it can be a member server in the domain, and will apply Group Policies.  Does work with MOM (Microsoft Operations Manager) and SMS (System Management Server)

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