Training Courses That Guy Recommends


What to look for in Training MaterialGuy Thomas MVP

Firstly, look for a variety of learning methods, this will give you perspective on any given topic.  Variety also means that you can choose a method to suit your style or even your mood.  Train Signal’s packages deliver these features, I know because I have tested them:

  • Real World Examples
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Background Detail
  • Money Back Guarantee – Shows the trust that Train Signal has in it’s products

Individual Lab Topics – Buy One or Look For a Bundle.

  1. Active Directory – Comprehensive configuration
  2. Exchange 2010 – Latest Version
  3. Windows Server 2008 – Latest operating system
  4. Windows 7 – Administration
  5. Group Policy – Learn to master settings and control the desktops
  6. Network Security
  7. Server Security
  8. Windows Home Server Training Course
  9. DHCP – Create those scopes
  10. File System – Best General Windows Server 2003 Lab