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Example:  A reader’s true goal was to store more data. 

However, their time-wasting goal was to free up more disk space.  So they spent 30 minutes a day deleting temporary files, cleaning out cookies and deleting one or two documents every day just to get survive another day. 

What they should have done was buy another disk.

Another disk example, the disk was under stress, so the administrator bought a faster disk, the underlying problem was lack of memory, therefore they spent money on the wrong solution.

General Problem Solving Techniques

Now I really want Plan A to work for you.  My point is that I am giving this online advice my best shot, I am not holding back information just to collect $25 pay checks.  I have plenty of work ‘gardening’ in my website and too many ideas for writing new material.  My point is this page is not about me touting for business, it’s about me trying to provide you with problem solving techniques.

Collect information, develop a theory
•  Start here:  Get into Problem Solving ‘State’

Specific problems, troubleshooting areas

Logon Scripts

•  Troubleshooting Logon Scripts

•  Code 800xxxxx Error Messages

•  CSVDE Errors

Group Policies

•  Troubleshooting Group Policy

•  12 Tips and tactics for Group Policy

Windows Server 2003 Migration

•  Migrate or Upgrade?

Windows Exchange 2003

•  Exchange Troubleshooting

•  Exchange Migration Tips


•  How to install Vista on Virtual PC 2004

Plan B – Pay $25 for Individual Advice

Examples of previous advice