SQL 2000 Home

This SQL Server 2000 section is designed for:

  • Techies who already know Windows 2000 and want to learn SQL
  • Network administrators who need to configure their SQL Server
  • ‘Newbies’ who want to get started with Transact statements
  • Those with some database experience who wish to plug gaps in their knowledge


This section will help you administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2000.  The pages will aid you to understand how SQL’s mind works.  It is always best to install SQL on its own member server; my preference would be to join the Windows 2000 server to an Active Directory domain.  That way way the domain could handle all the logon security.

As with all my sections, my twin goals are:

1) To give you independent advice.

2) To get you started.  If SQL was a game of baseball, I want to get you to first base!

(Database design is a separate skill which is not covered here.)

SQL Server 2000 Topics

Learning SQL Transact statements is a separate skill, to tell the truth an SQL administrator can use the GUI for most commands, however where you are using scripts, there are advantages in knowing the basics of SQL Transact.

Transact commands – Get started with 5 key verbs

SQL Basics –>